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CPR & First Aid Approval Process

Compliance for CPR and First Aid can be complicated. Some state departments publish a list of CPR providers that are approved for licensure. Other states only publish guidelines for approved providers to follow and don't specifically approve the training. Still others aren't involved at all and leave the decision completely up to the employer.

Whatever the policy for your state and profession, just know that we're here to answer your questions and offer documentation that ProTrainings will satisfy your particular requirements.

While it's nearly impossible to maintain a comprehensive list of approvals, we've done our best to assemble as many of our approvals as possible in our compliance packet.

Accepted in the USA, Canada, and the UK

Accepted in the USA
Accepted in Canada
Accepted in the UK

ProTrainings Approvals

The quick search tool provided here was created to help you quickly verify whether ProTrainings has been approved by your state department or licensing board.

Remember that compliance is an ongoing process. So please reach out to us if you're unsure about whether or not you're approved to use ProTrainings.

Explore Your CPR Requirements

Licensure requirements for CPR vary from one state or profession to the next. And they can change over time. That's why it's important to know what is accepted before you get started.

For example, some boards do not require CPR at all. Others are comfortable with 100% online CPR certification for re-licensure. Sometimes blended CPR training is acceptable, while others mandate classroom CPR training.

Rather than spend your afternoon navigating your local government's website trying to find these requirements, you may be able to find the answer to your questions about CPR acceptance right here.

If your occupation is listed below, then we're actively collecting the rules and requirements in one convenient place for you. If your profession isn't listed, just reach out and we'll help you figure it out. Choose your profession below to learn more about what's required for you.

Occupation Requirements by State
Athletic Trainers
  • Requirements coming soon
Electrical Workers
  • Requirements coming soon
Daycare & Childcare
Security Guards
  • Requirements coming soon
Personal Trainers
  • Requirements coming soon
Dental Hygienists

Nationally Approved

US Coast Guard
Dental Assisting National Board
Academy of General Dentistry