Seamlessly Complete Your Blended CPR Course

A blended CPR training program is the perfect option for those who want the convenience and efficiency of online training with the addition of hands-on skills development. 

Get a manikin delivered right to your door to practice for real-life situations as a perfect complement to your online learning.

How the Blended CPR Course Works

Just 3 Easy Steps


1.Train for Free

At ProTrainings, we believe everyone should have access to life-saving skills training. Your course is 100% free to take! Pay at the end only once you pass your test.

2.Order Your Manikin

The main benefit of a blended CPR program is having the opportunity to develop your hands-on skills.

Pay for your course and order your manikin to practice and complete your hands-on skills assessment.

3.Pass & Print

Once you complete your online training and test, and pass your hands-on assessment you will receive an email with your printable CPR card right away!

Your wallet card will be mailed to you 5-7 business days after completing your program. Your CPR certification will be valid for 2 years.

100% Online



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Same-Day Certificate
No Commute
Self-Paced Learning
Instructor Feedback
Hands-On Skills Development & Assessment
CPR Certification Card

Blended CPR Training Acceptance

Increasing Popularity of Blended CPR Training

It’s a little-known fact that there is no governing body that sets universal standards for CPR training and certification. In fact, each state department, agency, and employer has the freedom to choose which CPR training methods they’ll accept.

While most organizations teach the research-backed ILCOR and American Heart Association steps for CPR, the requirements for learning and the process for teaching those steps through an online, blended, or classroom course vary greatly.

To determine if a blended CPR training program is right for you, consider the effectiveness of blended training programs, the organization offering the training, and the current trending acceptance of such programs and whether acceptance is increasing or decreasing over time.  

Is the acceptance of blended CPR training expected to increase in the future? Over the years, blended and online learning programs have become increasingly popular. The demand for flexible, study-from-anywhere CPR courses has largely been affected by the busy schedules of healthcare workers and other professionals who require CPR certification. The COVID pandemic accelerated the development and acceptance of online programs, as well.

However, as convenient and efficient as online learning can be, it doesn’t replace the valuable hands-on experience a CPR student gets in a classroom setting. In fact, many employers prefer for their employees to complete a CPR training that includes a hands-on component.

Is blended CPR training proven to be effective? Absolutely! Blended learning works very well for people who learn best by studying at their own pace and who also enjoy hands-on practice or need to have a hands-on component to meet their employer’s requirements. In addition, several independent studies have shown blended CPR training to be as effective or more effective than traditional CPR training.  

Who offers blended CPR training? Every major training provider offers a blended CPR course including, ProTrainings, the AHA, and the ARC.

Average customer rating:

4.6 out of 5 stars
from 635,442 customers

In Summary

Blended CPR programs provide the best of both worlds – self-paced, convenient online lessons with the addition of hands-on manikin practice. What initially started as a way to safely continue CPR training has become the prefered method of training around the country. As of 2022, almost all employers and licensing boards accept CPR certifications earned through blended training programs. 

over 3 million certifications issued to date

Woman Taking Blended CPR Course On Laptop Woman Practicing CPR On Manikin Blended CPR Course

Who Should Complete A Blended CPR Course?

Blended CPR training is best suited for someone who is looking for the convenience and efficiency of completing the knowledge-based training online, but also wants the benefit of hands-on skills development.

Some employers will require you to complete a hands-on skills assessment and pass an exam with an instructor who can watch you perform CPR on a manikin. If your employer has these requirements, a blended program may be right for you. 

A blended CPR course gives you the option of completing the hands-on portion of your training in the comfort of your own home. 

To complete your hands-on training at home, you will order a manikin and it will be shipped to your door. Then, you will complete your hands-on skills assessment over video conference with an instructor. 

Blended CPR training allows you to tailor your CPR training and certification to your schedule, preferences, and ideal learning environment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Blended CPR Training Entail?

Like an online or in-class CPR course, your blended CPR training will teach you:
  • CPR
  • AED
  • Conscious and Unconscious Choking
  • Bleeding Control
  • Shock Management
  • Opioid Overdose
  • Moving People
Various courses will teach you how to perform these skills on adult, child, or infant victims.

Also, the blended aspect of the course means that you’ll also get to learn, practice, and be tested on hands-on skills using a manikin.

In addition to the above skills, we believe that proper CPR training goes beyond learning the steps of the procedure and should include emotional readiness lessons. Completing your blended CPR training with ProTrainings means you’ll also learn “The 5 Fears” that prevent rescue and how to overcome them.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Blended CPR?

A blended CPR course is an excellent option for people who are busy and need a training option that can conform to their schedules.

The benefits of a blended CPR training include being able to complete your knowledge training from anywhere, getting to choose from a number of available evaluation appointments to complete your hands-on skills training, and getting your CPR certification and wallet card after you pass your hands-on test.

However, there are some cons to blended CPR training, as well. Like with online learning programs, some people find that a blended CPR training requires them to hold themselves accountable and keep themselves motivated since they do not have to attend in-person classes.

If you find that you are good at studying and getting work done on time by managing yourself well, then a blended CPR training may be a good fit for you.

When Do I Need Blended CPR Training?

Professionals who likely need blended CPR training (as opposed to online-only CPR training) include: 
  • Dentists
  • EMTs
  • Firefighters
  • Lifeguards
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Paramedics
  • Personal Trainers
  • Pharmacists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Physician Assistants
  • Physicians
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • X-Ray Technologists
  • Other Health Care Professionals
If you are among these professionals, you can also complete your knowledge and hands-on skills training in a classroom setting. However, the blended option is ideal for people who want to complete the learning portion of the program online.

How Do I Complete Blended CPR Training Courses?

Completing a blended CPR training is efficient and straight-forward with ProTrainings. First, you will create an account and choose your course.

Next, you will complete the online portion of the training, which will build your knowledge of CPR skills. You will need to complete a multiple-choice test to move on to the hands-on portion of your program.

When you’re ready, you can pay for your course and your SUMO manikin for the hands-on stage of your learning.

Once you have completed your knowledge exam and received your manikin, you will complete a skills evaluation with an instructor. Your instructor will assess your skills and indicate if you pass the hands-on skills assessment.

Finally, you will receive your final certificate by mail and you will have immediate access to a printable CPR card to acknowledge you have passed both portions of the blended CPR training.

Group Blended CPR Trainings for Your Organization

Looking to teach CPR in your organization? Our group enrollment options for blended CPR training make getting your organization CPR-certified easy, efficient, and affordable. Inquire today to get an instant quote.

  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Non-Profits
  • Churches
Group Blended CPR Course Trainings
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