Leaving the Classroom Behind

Our story starts in the classroom, but unlike most CPR training companies, it doesn't end there. Our co-founder, Roy Shaw, was a classroom CPR instructor for many years before our company was born in 2003.

Roy knew what he was doing was ambitious, so rather than do it on his own, he partnered with Paul Martin and Scott Andersen to help in the early years. Our new team now included a paramedic / CPR instructor, a web developer / marketer, and a graphic designer / video editor.

You wouldn't be alone if CPR training makes you think of classrooms and manikins rather than a computer. And in 2003, this was even more true than today. But that didn't stop us from deciding to change everything.

After all, CPR training was broken and we were determined to fix it. No more falling asleep in a 4-6 hour class. Why not learn from the comfort of your home.

Growing Pains and Early Wins

Of course, there have been challenges. Nearly a third of Internet users were on dial-up in 2003 and YouTube hadn't been invented yet. But by 2007, things were beginning to change. And that's the year we launched the Internet's first fully video-based CPR course.

At this point, we had certified around 80,000 students, our three founders went full-time on the business, and we hired our first two employees to support our customers and gain compliance approvals.

Compliance challenges are what led us to create a blended CPR program in 2008. Although online courses are acceptable for many people, there are certain industries where hands-on skills practice is mandatory.

First, we built a national instructor network to meet this need. Then, in 2014, we introduced live video conference evaluations and a low-cost SUMO manikin kit to offer our students in-home skills evaluations, making ProTrainings the most compliant (and convenient) CPR course available online.

Expansion and new ventures

A lot has changed since the early days. Our team has grown to 35+ people across our U.S. and U.K. offices. We've certified well over a million people and counting. And our free Student CPR program has certified tens of thousands of high school students around the country.

Our course catalog has also expanded beyond CPR to include courses such as Bloodborne Pathogens, HIPAA, Hazcom, Fire Safety, Ergonomics, Sexual Harassment, Pet First Aid, Continuing Education content, and more to come. We're still just getting started!

A better way to learn

From the start, we've been different in our approach to learning. Having a great instructor shouldn't be a gamble. Our proven approach ensures engaging video training with passionate instructors. We believe in frequent video refreshers with the skills you need to remember.

Our mission is to serve the healthcare industry and, by extension, the health of everyone by delivering quality training with excellence and continually using technology to reach as many people as we possibly can.

Want to work with us?

Join the team. If you believe in our mission and want to help save lives, then please reach out! We have open positions and are always looking for great people to fill them. Check out our open jobs to start your path to working here. We can't wait to hear from you!

Partner with us. Is there an opportunity for our companies to work together in some way? If your customers could benefit from our training, then we should talk. We're excited to explore the possibilities!