A Passion For Education

A great teacher has the ability to make even the dullest of subjects engaging, and that's essential when you're learning something as important as CPR or first aid.

There's no doubt. You will not be bored with Roy Shaw as your instructor.

Roy's passion for CPR and medicine began early. After entering the U.S. Army as a combat medic, he felt called to become a licensed Paramedic and worked on an ambulance for many years.

Roy teaches us about the Five Fears of Rescue [VIDEO]

Called To Save More Lives

Roy's vocation to become an educator came out of the experience of arriving on the scene and having to explain to a panicked family member that nothing more could be done for their loved one.

Convinced that better outcomes were possible by reaching people earlier, Roy took a position as a community education coordinator and began proactively teaching people CPR.

The effects of providing better education were encouraging, leading Roy to write his own CPR curriculum and form a traditional CPR training company. He and his co-founders later built and launched ProTrainings as a way to reach even more people with life-saving education through video.

Want to get to know Roy better? Check out Roy on Rescue, a video blog where he covers a variety of different rescue topics. Or start one of our CPR courses.

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