A life-saving mission

Whether you're an expectant mother who wants to be prepared, a tattoo artist who is avoiding OSHA penalties, or a nurse who needs a CPR certification to go to work tomorrow, it's our mission to provide you with the best possible training. We are guided by two central principles:

We strive to improve your life and the lives of everyone around you. We do this through passionate service and exceptional training that's available to as many people as possible.

1) Student focused training

We're committed to providing effective, up-to-date, interesting training. That's because we believe in student-centered education.

We know there will always be students who need face-to-face training, but we find that the time, place, and pace requirements of a classroom inherently create a more instructor-focused learning experience.

We believe that allowing you to choose the time, place, and pace of your education allows you to have a more effective and enjoyable learning experience.

This belief is more than just an opinion, though. It is consistently reinforced through third party research and feedback from you, our students.

2) Learning from you

We're dedicated to listening to your feedback and providing a service that exceeds all expectations.

This means building a long-term relationship so you'll want to use us as your certification provider for the rest of your professional career.

This caring relationship starts by listening to your concerns before, during, and after training and certification. We ask for feedback throughout the process and we're always available when you have a question.

We continue to build the relationship by implementing your suggestions and ensuring that you receive a card your employer will accept, that you're confident in your training, and ultimately that you're confident in your skills should you ever need to use them.

Finally, we will remind you before your certificate expires so you won't have to worry about lapsing in two years.

We find that focusing on your needs helps us create the best learning experience possible, so please let us know if there's ever something else we can do for you.

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