Just a few words from our students

Casey Miller, Nurse Technician

All the questions are straightforward. I could see how they could really apply in a real life situation.

Instructions and videos are clear and easy to understand.

Interesting, easy, fast!

This is an excellent course. I have recertified before and this has always been a great review, and professionally presented.

Thank you. Awesome experience and where I'll go for my training.

Amazing class - loved every second!

Excellent class!

This is so helpful!

These are very important questions that could save someone's life in a real-world scenario.

This training gave me what I needed to become a permanent makeup artist.

Really informative and clear about everything. Also gave really good examples.

Always good and informative teaching.

Direct and to the point questions

Very informational for individuals who have not worked in a heathcare setting or don't having any actual knowledge regarding covid 19

excellent refresher!

I love that I can skip through to questions during renewal. Made it way faster!

Nice class very informative!


This course was very informative, and easy to do at your own pace. I would use ProTrainings again!

easy way to learn important information!

This program did an excellent job at presenting the information, but also reminding you of the importance. The main speaker was wonderful.

Was very educational.

As a nurse who let her BLS lapse and wanted a good refresher course, this was fantastic. I also believe this is an excellent course for inexperienced laypersons as well. I love the short, simple videos and explanations with demos. I wish this was mandatory for everyone. Thank you so much!

Very professional!

Very thorough training.

This is the perfect refresher for the busy professional.

Great BLS review! Easy to navigate and understand. Clear concise questions.

Thorough and easy process to follow! I will definitely use them again for my future ACLS needs.

Great exam that was comprehensive.

It was nice and simple, the videos were comprehensive and relatively quick to get through. Worth the time and work.

The absolute best presentation. Such a professional job at every step.

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