Just a few words from our students

Casey Miller, Nurse Technician

All the questions are straightforward. I could see how they could really apply in a real life situation.

I love taking this class every year. It’s a perfect refresher course and very user friendly!

Program is a lot more detailed than any I have ever taken. Exhausted, but reminded me of my education of 40 years in nursing. Some new and some updated. I just turned 69 y/o and unsure if i was going to renew. Glad I have taken the time and effort. Will continue with this program in 2 years Lord willing.

I use ProCPR whenever I need to renew. I feel the videos are well done and the instruction is excellent. I feel prepared if I am needed to provide assistance in situations described in the training.

Instructor was amazing! very thorough. experience was vital to being a good instructor. easy to follow and clear in his instructions. "you in the plaid shirt, go call 911, and bring an AED machine!"

I have been a nurse for 30 years, this is by far the best CPR instruction I have ever had! Very well done. I wouldn't change a thing! I look forward to coming back for my renewal. This is my second time using ProTrainings! Thank you!!

Outstanding, productive training. I have taken this training in-person for years and realize your online videos covered details instructors have overlooked in the past. If I were an instructor I think it'd be nearly impossible to present every detail every time in the optimum way, but realize a well-produced, thorough, accurate video does exactly that. Pleased with the training.

Excellent, easy to understand, and very accessible. Highly recommend.

It was easy to navigate. I liked that I was able to go to the test immediately and not have to watch videos or lectures that I've seen many times before.


I loved taking the course in the privacy of my home and not in a classroom with several students. I was able to learn at my own pace and concentrate on the videos that were most important to my situation raising a special needs daughter.

I really enjoyed the videos and the instruction throughout was so clear/understandable!

This is the second time I have used Protrainings for CPR renewal. No more searching for local classes that fit my work schedule! Much safer during COVID-19 pandemic!

An efficient yet challenging way to Re-certify! Well worth the investment.

The training videos were very helpful and the test questions really tested my knowledge from what i learned from the training videos

This was a great and convenient way to obtain a certification.

This training was better than the in-person training I have received in the past.

I have used Pro CPR for a few years and they always keep you updated.

Very good recert for PALS....recommend to all...

As a gastroenterologist, 6 years old of internal medicine training, this was a wonderful review of ACLS that was concise but also gave me the opportunity to go back and look through scenarios that I have almost always had questions on. Unless we are part of an acute care team (EMS, ED, ICU, Anesthesia or inpatient Internal medicine) it is hard to run into all these scenarios constantly and the skills erode significantly. I think the online version of ACLS is very useful for busy providers like me who would need a refresher and we wouldn't feel embarrassed to go back and review the questions and situations over again rather than have to raise our hand to ask questions (which may further delay other people in the class leaving to go back to work or home during their busy schedules)

The training was spot-on for giving clear, concise instruction in perfect pace and good humor.

Getting re-certified for BLS through this website was incredibly easy. My current employer provides a free program for recertification, but I went there 3 whole times and had complications every single time.

I enjoyed the videos! I will have 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and...well you get my drift, stuck in my head the next time I'm doing chest compressions. Seriously though, the content is quality and I will be sure to reference the library in the future.

Super informative. and easy to follow, They provide all the information one needs to learn and test.

I always go to Pro trainings to for my certifications concerning bloodborne pathogens, they are reliable and affordable and I really appreciate the ability to leave and come back to the videos or questions. It works very well with my work schedule.

The website is amazing & very user friendly. I'm very impressed by how all the information is direct, easy to understand & helpful.

I learned a lot more from this course then when I Took the course in person. Videos are very interesting and keep your attention. Very informative!! Awesome job!!

I enjoyed the lessons. They were what I needed and easy to understand. I like being able to not only read the information but also be able to listen to the lessons while on the go.

Fast but detailed. A great program for tattoo artists.

Super clear and easy!

Well delivered and informative.

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