Just a few words from our students

Casey Miller, Nurse Technician

All the questions are straightforward. I could see how they could really apply in a real life situation.

Very clear description of what is needed in emergency situation.

Very nice videos with clear explanations, concise and to the point.

The online test is very convenient and easy to follow the instructions.

It was super simple and exactly what I needed for my job!

Great course and saved me from sitting in a class

very simple and straight to the main point.

The set up was perfect,

I found the instructor to be very knowledgeable. The fact that you could progress at your own pace was also a plus.

A great way to get certified at your convenience!

It was great to learn so much in such a short amount time and so easy to do it and not have to go to classes. The videos were very easy to understand and everything on the test was right from the videos i would recommend this for anyone who needs to get their CPR and First Aid certificate.

For the past three year protrainings.com is where I go for my training. It is so easy to use and very informative. I'll be back next year for sure!

This was super convenient for a last minute certification that I needed for my job.

Clear and concise instructions

Easy and at your own pace

I liked how I can stop for potty breaks

this was great!

Great trainer, great visual and awesome examples...Well Done!

I thought the videos/commentary were excellent and very thorough. I have taken another online CPR certification course in the past and it was very superficial. This one was very well done, had written text to supplement the videos and got right to the point of the topic that needed to be addressed.

As a licensed nurse I have used this training and testing offered in times past at procpr site and found it to be both convenient for my recertification requirement when I need it when time doesn't permit or classes not conveniently available for me.

test was challenging and required good mastery of subject matter.

easy to understand

This is very important information to have knowledge of wut blood pathogens are in how they are maintained for the body art industry

The course was very informative, clear and concise. I enjoyed the fact that it is extremely easy to navigate and understand the material as it was presented.

It took me 2x to take the test and pass. I’ve been a healthcare provider for 15 years. Not that difficult.

This is a very good ProTraining site if you want to learn how to give CPR or AED on both adults and Children.

The training was informative, professionally done and covered a wide variety of topics.

I seem to learn something new every time I take the course.....Take your time In each section and testing is not so hard, just pay attention! And it just may save your life and or the life of others.

Manual and skill card are great supplements to have continued access to, truly feel I got more out of this training than in-person training I've received in the past.

I appreciate the scenarios presented for each topic. I thought they were great examples and provided a greater understanding of what to do during those emergencies situations.

I have had previous training's on sites, that did not include all of this information. I am super impressed with the quality of this training. The videos are highly engaging and I love that this works within my schedule and time frame.

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