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Casey Miller, Nurse Technician

All the questions are straightforward. I could see how they could really apply in a real life situation.

Excellent training tool


I think the instructor was direct and to the point. The one thing that really bothered me was the flag on the shirt sleeves was facing the wrong way. The star field should be on the left.

What a wonderful course! The instructor was easy to understand and gave the perfect amount of information. The use of live "victims" was realistic and made the visual placement of hands, pads, masks, etc. clear. Nicely done!

Videos are well done. Easy to understand and give all the information that is required to pass the course

Up to date, demonstrations are visual, it’s late Friday, and I need it on Monday.

The training was exceptionally thorough! I have been an Esthetician for 21 years, I thought I knew all of this but much to my chagrin I was mistaken. I took this for Microblading however, I will also be implementing what I learned here to take my esthetic practice sterilization to the next level. Thank you.

Way too long....

Recommendations were well warranted. Glad I chose ProTrainings.

Fair and concise

Not only have i learned the best safe way to take care of my clients but also i have learned that by taking this test im avail to prevent from me or my clients to get any contamination of any kind for both sides safety.

Clear, concise, informative, stress-free and no pressure. What else can you ask for in a learning experience that can save a life?

I love Protraings and the training videos! It keeps me updated with out having to sit in classes.

Great way to get re-certified when I was unable to find certification in a my area!

Very in-depth on all the various infections of the world but very basic in terms of the course being for body artists, a little information on how to clean equipment but nothing more.

I loved the course it was very thorough and detailed! I also learned a lot from it and I think I will be a much better ACLS provider if I ever have to deal with someone or a patient who is experiencing a cardiac emergency! Thank you very much!

Great website

This website is really the best to get your cpr and bls , is recommended

Very Informative and very well done! Would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning the basic first aid for pets.

The training is clear and accurate. The website is easy to use. The added information after each test question really helps to cement the information.

This content was extremely informative. As a mother, teacher, and now business owner, I should have learned this long ago. You never know when you may be the only one available that can respond to an emergency.

I more than loved it! So addicting to learn and get more info! I'd love to be a vet in the future

great training

Instructor was very clear and precise, easy to understand

Great for re-certification. In depth training provided or right to the test if you're confident in your skills.

The instructor was clear, concise and reviewed protocol without any confusion. The tutorials were useful, the tips and videos were engaging. I felt like I was in the classroom. Learned how serious not following safety precautions can be.

Very informative

The videos I watched was very complete and helpful...

Its fast and to the point instructions

I did it, Took some time but i hope it was worth it

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