Just a few words from our students

Casey Miller, Nurse Technician

All the questions are straightforward. I could see how they could really apply in a real life situation.

fabulous course and content. easy to understand and follow, Allows you to go at you own pace

Good Information and feedback when testing.

i have learned so much today hope i can remember all of this good stuff and help someone if needed

The trainer was excellent. He was clear,concise, knows his subject well.

Convenient, easy to follow, great option

SO convenient! My second time using pro trainings and I will continue to come back for my recertifications.

I have never had a good online BLS training like I had today. Learning had never been easier than this. Amazing. Thank you protrainings.

Excellent overall education.

This was a very efficient, and informative, way to renew my cpr\first aid training certificate that I had earned through ProFirstAid.

Engaging videos, with smart and quick instruction from Paramedic.

Excellent modules and training. As a physician I have engaged in many trainings, both receiving an giving. These are professional, relatively simple to digest and apply, and compassionate. I truly appreciate the online opportunity, given my rather busy work and Scouting schedules - I am using this for work and as a medical staffer for the 2019 BSA World Jamboree. I look forward to looking into further ProTrainings modules. Roy rocks! Respectfully, Scott J. Spillmann, MD MPH

There is so much to learn, it is almost like an actual classroom.

Very easy to use!

The videos are very informative as the speaker is extremely knowledgeable and clear. I love that you can watch the videos when needed and it saves where you left off.

Very helpful and informative videos.

I was very impressed with this training. I have always done the AHA in person trainings, but due to life constraints didn't have time. The instructor was engaging and very knowledgable. He reviewed situations that we often see in the urgent care setting (where I work) beyond basic BLS. Highly recommend!

The course was educational and interactive. The trainer was enthusiastic and kept my attention the entire time. I also appreciated the snippets between sessions. Thank you

The EMT who instructed the course was very, very good. He gave a lot of insight to situations and lent a great deal of his experience to the course.

This was very helpful and educational. Most of all very easy to understand.

This is the second time I've used Pro-CPR for my CPR renewal. As with the previous time, I found that the training not only provided the information I needed but it, also, kept my attention and was thoroughly engaging! Thank you!

ProTraining provided a flexible schedule with complete information for the BLS course. I am glad it help me take care of re-certification on my own pace and schedule. Thanks!

I enjoyed learning about CPR/First Aid. Great course, and the material was well covered.

It was easy to use and user friendly. I found it highly informative.

Very informative and a good review of the most current protocols.

I thought I knew it all, but every year you always teach me something new. Thank you

Every step is explained well and easy to understand

The information provided was clear and thorough. I recommend this company's course.

Very easy to use website

The test was great and very easy to use training. It is self paced and can be stopped at any time if you need to come back to it later on which makes it great if you are a busy worker.

The video really opened my eyes on things we as tattoo artist and piercers we know we messed with blood but the importance of knowing how not to be infected we can forget that sometimes..an in the worst-case we get infected and then we Step Up the PPE in awareness for bloodborne pathogens. Don't wait for that to happen ...Always stay alert always be alert always be educated always be informed always educate yourself.. any available material out there rather it be repeat or new knowing and not needing is always better than needing and not knowing stay alert stay serious ...in the world we in today blood or any body fluid is or can be a life changing or life taking fluid .. take every client every situation every day every minute as serious as you can when dealing with bbp.... thanks for the information signing out .....Tatt2 Dru

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