Just a few words from our students

Casey Miller, Nurse Technician

All the questions are straightforward. I could see how they could really apply in a real life situation.

Loved all of the information given in this. Was easy to understand and will help throughout my career!

Muy bueno

It felt very long

very well structured

Very good, short explanations with a lot of repetition for reminders. Very up to date information as well.

No, it was good I learned a lot

The information was easy to understand


Todo quedo muy claro

It was a very good course/training and helped me a lot and as well taught me a lot.

I had a great experience. I am a visual learner and I enjoyed seeing the videos with examples.

The test was Awesome and enjoyed learning

Have used this site for years. Fantastic

I really enjoyed this course because the videos were actually engaging and kept me interested, and I felt like I learned so much in this amount of time! Thank you!

Very well thought out presentation. Leaves no room for doubt.

I could not find an in-person healthcare provider BLS class. I was skeptical about an online class being thorough, I was wrong, the videos were great.

Very informative

Engaging content that helped me absorb and remember the material

Gran claridad en el contenido, vale la pena por mas que se considere dominar los conceptos, el hecho de estar constantemente revisando las actualizaciones y sus respectivas practicas.

Quick, Easy, and Good Training


very detailed and easy to understand

Aprendo mucho más viendo videos

Very good and informative course. It covered everything one needs to help someone go on to live another day, God willing

Enjoyed the course.

the course is excellent, I re-learned my ACLS in the best format, I had the chance to participate in the code and run the coding process

I took this at the end of my Introduction to First Aid and CPR class. This was EXTREMELY informative, and I highly recommend, because I feel like anyone and everyone can benefit from obtaining this knowledge.

The training was perfectly displayed and well explained to support my knowledge and experience!

great course and learned information that will be beneficial in the future

A great course definitely helped

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