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Casey Miller, Nurse Technician

All the questions are straightforward. I could see how they could really apply in a real life situation.

Straightforward easy to retain primary concepts

This is amazing training, lots of options for those who need complete training, refresher or who can master the test.

awesome instructor, this course covered everything- thanks.

This program is the most straightforward, logical and educational to re-certify,, and improve upon your current skills and knowledge of ACLS.

This is a great option for new and current health care providers. I have utilized ProCPR for the past few years. The ACLS training and test are extensive, the same manner in which is in class. Now with COVID-19 being prevalent, this would be a more beneficial system to use. The scenarios are helpful including the rationales for answers if they are incorrect.

Great Course. Thank you.

excellent exam and videos, easy to use for certification

I have taken multiple CPR/BLS trainings over the years and this has by far surpassed all of them. I even learned about a Spacer for inhalers. As someone who is dx with Asthma, no MD has ever told me about this option. Thank you!

This training and course was very informative, thorough and easy to understand. The patient scenarios used, served as an effective learning tool providing an excellent visual aid. The instructor communicated the lessons in a clear manner and he explained all topics thoroughly. I am very pleased with this course, and I also appreciated the ease of navigating through this website.

The training was exactly what my employees and myself needed to understand how to be safe in the work environment.

The paramedic who covered each video was professional and very thorough and easy to understand.

it is a very good experience to learn

Love the video training clearly explains and shows to understand on how to perform. I have been using Pro Training for several years now for my job. It has been very helpful and convenient to be able to do the training in our home on our on time. It has made very easy for me to provide my job with updated CPR card. I want to thank Roy and everyone who helped put all this together and to keep up the good work. Alva

excellent course, very well done!

This course is so informative and helps to instill confidence and useful knowledge for any incident

It was a good first experience taking this class online

I would definately recommend your programs to any professional or concerned citizen.

Excellent and practical training and experience!

The information was clear. The video demonstrations were very clear and helpful. It was also helpful that the training was broken up into shorter videos.

Am Nicasius Nkengbaze, I'm a professional Rescuer and First aid provider at Abu Dhabi. I'm very proud to have taken this training as I'm fully trained and equipped to handle COVID 19 case along side my professional career as a Life saver . I'm also equipped about COVD 19

I really liked the videos and the information. It is easy to follow and the examples are really good and real. I really appreciate the way it was planned.

I've been a paramedic for almost nine years. I appreciate being able to recert my CPR certification online and not having to take time off of work to go get it done.

Very Informative! And great questions that really make you think about real situations.

I have been in health care for over 20 years. for the last several renewals for my CPR I have used ProCPR. I can do it at my convenience, it is very professional and well laid out. I have recommended it to others. Even encouraged my adult children to use it.

I love the videos thanks this really helped me

convenient way to update credentials and get practical refresher of relevant info

Very up to date and allows me to get training even with my busy sch

Usually, I dread recertification, but this course makes getting my certificate so convenient. I can pause and come back to it when I need a break or when life gets in the way, which is helpful. I absolutely find learning this way more enjoyable, the information in the course and the instructor are superior to any other in-person class I have taken in the past. Thank you!

Awesome presentation and easy to watch! Best CPR class that I have taken.

Appreciate the format and the clarity in the teaching videos.

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