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Get Your CPR Certification Online

If your employer requires you to complete CPR training, get efficient, high-quality training and satisfy those requirements with a CPR certification online with ProTrainings.

Access your course materials from anywhere, print your CPR wallet card immediately after passing the test, and get automated reminders when it’s time to renew.
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Nationally Accredited CPR Courses

It’s a little-known fact that there is no one, national approving body for CPR training and certification. That means you can get your certification from any accredited training organization, including ProTrainings, the American Heart Association or the Red Cross. 
However, students who have tried other certification organizations prefer us for our versatility, accessibility, and ease of certification and renewal. At ProTrainings, we provide legitimate, quality training that adheres to the ILCOR/AHA guidelines and is approved by numerous third-party accrediting organizations and 99% of employers.

over 3 million certifications issued to date

CPR Certification Wallet Card

ProTrainings makes earning your CPR certification convenient and efficient while ensuring you receive the highest quality training and up-to-date information. 

Your PDF card is available to print immediately after you pass your test so you can get back to making a difference. 

You will also receive a professionally printed card by mail in 5-7 business days.
Get your CPR certification wallet card

What’s in a typical CPR course?

At its core, CPR training teaches you the best life-saving practices on how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The guidelines used to create CPR courses come from the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) and the American Heart Association. 

CPR courses can actually be very different from each other depending on what you are preparing for and who is providing the training. In general, you can count on CPR training to teach you to help different ages of victims (adults, children, and infants), how to use different tools (AEDs, emergency services, and PPE) and how to react depending on the emergency (such as if someone is unconscious, choking, breathing or not, etc). 

While any CPR course is beneficial, it's very likely that you’ll need to learn a specific skill in order to be prepared for your job. For example, “lay rescuer” CPR training is often considered the most basic CPR and Healthcare CPR (often referred to as BLS) is more in-depth and prepares healthcare workers for the types of CPR and scenarios they will encounter in their day-to-day jobs.

Additionally, CPR courses can be with or without first aid. Many courses also provide information that can help you become confident providing help in emergency situations. For example, in ProTrainings’ CPR certification online, you’ll learn about The Five Fears and how to handle the emotional impact of performing CPR.

This Course Includes:

  • Follows AHA guidelines
  • 4.0 CME/CE credits
  • Certification card available to purchase for $59.95
  • 24/7 on-demand video
  • Access on mobile
  • Weekly refresher video
  • Expiration reminder
  • Student manual

CPR Courses for Nurses CPR Certification for Firefighters

Who Needs a CPR Course?

While everyone should learn CPR, most people take CPR classes in order to meet requirements for their jobs. As a result, people who need a CPR course are typically people who work in an industry where there is some degree of risk either to themselves or others. 

Additionally, the type of CPR course that a person needs will vary depending on the type of job they have. For example, healthcare professionals will likely need a BLS course to meet their CPR requirements, whereas construction workers will likely need to learn CPR and first aid.

At ProTrainings, 99% of employers accept our online CPR certification courses. Be sure to check with your employer what elements of CPR training you need to satisfy their requirements, such as whether you need to be trained on the use of AED equipment, CPR for children, adults, and infants, and if you need to learn first aid in addition to CPR.

CPR Training Options for Every Learning Style

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100% Online

Progress through your CPR and first aid certification online from any device! Easily complete your training online so you can finish your certification anytime, anywhere.

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In addition to your online first aid and CPR certification, practice hands-on with a CPR manikin in a blended program.

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Our online CPR and first aid certification resources can be used to facilitate classroom training, skills practice, and continuing education.

Renewing Your CPR Certification Online

Need to maintain an active CPR certification for your employer? We make renewing your CPR certificate easy with our online first aid and CPR recertification programs. We’ll remind you when your certificate is about to expire. Then, it’s easy to login to your account and renew your certification using the same training platform you’re already accustomed to.

Auto Renewal Reminders

Most CPR certifications are required to be renewed every 2 years. We’ll remind you when yours is about to expire.

Fast Recertification

Renew your certification quickly and conveniently by reviewing changes since your last training and passing a test challenge.

Ongoing Training Prompts

Keep your knowledge and skills fresh with an email that helps you review one part of your CPR training each week.
Free CPR services by ProTrainings
Our Company Pledge

Free CPR Training

Making the world a safer place… one community at a time.
Rescuers like you make the difference, which is why we work toward 100% CPR literacy.

Anyone can take our free CPR training online and then pay for the CPR wallet card if they want to. This means parents, babysitters and volunteers can learn how to save a life at no cost.

Through our student CPR program, we’ve partnered with hundreds of schools around the country, and had the privilege of training tens of thousands of fearless, young rescuers every year.
  • No cost to take courses
  • Free students certification cards
  • Striving for 100% CPR literacy
  • Because life is valuable!


Here’s what our customers have to say:

CPR Certification Online Frequently Asked Questions

How do online CPR certification classes work?

Even if you aren’t technically savvy, completing your CPR certification online is simple and convenient.  

In most cases, your first step will be to choose the CPR course you want to be certified in. You want the course to meet the requirements of your job, so be sure to understand your employer’s regulations – such as if CPR for adults will suffice or if you should also learn CPR skills for children and adults – and choose correctly. 

The next step is to create an account on so that your progress can be saved even if you start and stop the course over time.

The third step is to begin your training, which consists of watching video lectures and demonstrations, and then solidifying your knowledge by answering some pre-test questions. You can skip a video if you already know a subject or you can re-watch a video if you missed something.  

Once you complete the training, you finish the course with a multiple choice test, which you need to pass with an 80% or better in order to qualify for your CPR certification and card.

Why should you get CPR certified?

According to ILCOR and American Heart Association research, if performed in the first minutes of cardiac arrest, CPR can double or even triple a victim’s chance of survival. With nearly 383,000 sudden cardiac arrests occurring outside of hospitals each year, learning CPR is a vital, lifesaving skill. 

Furthermore, the majority of cardiac arrests occur at home, which means that if you need to use CPR, it will most likely be to save a loved one. 

Getting your CPR certification online teaches you how to give someone the best chance of survival by pumping blood throughout their body even if the heart has stopped, which provides the necessary oxygen to slow cell death. This gives the victim more time for an AED or emergency services to arrive.

Are Online CPR Certifications valid?

Yes! Online CPR certifications are valid as long as your state board and employer accept the program you choose. 

Throughout the history of CPR, it hasn't been the American Heart Association (AHA) or the Red Cross that decides which training qualifies for certification. In fact, for most professionals who need CPR certification to keep their licenses, the regulations come from their state boards

For jobs that don't require a state-issued license, approval comes from your employer.

Some approvals, such as certifications for OSHA and for keeping professional licenses, require hands-on practice. 

At ProTrainings, we get approval from state boards for all of our CPR courses and 99% of employers accept our CPR training and certifications.

How long does a CPR certification last?

As of January 2011, every CPR certification from any provider lasts 2 years before it needs to be renewed. In most situations, individuals will renew their certification anywhere from two months to a few days in advance of expiration. 

If someone lets their certification expire, they are considered “lapsed” and may face issues at work or may be required to take a lengthier class depending on their workplace requirements and the CPR provider. 

More recently, there are new certifications through a program called Real Quality Initiative (RQI) that offer “rolling” certificates. These are certifications that are renewed every quarter and continue perpetually.

At ProTrainings, we remind you of when your CPR certification is coming up for renewal and give you the tools necessary to complete your renewal efficiently online.

Group CPR Trainings for Your Organization

Looking to teach CPR in your workplace or organization? Our online CPR and first aid certification programs make teaching CPR to your group easy, efficient, and affordable. Inquire today to get an instant quote for your organization.

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  • Non-Profits
  • Churches
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