Pro Pet Hero websiteHave you had a moment where your dog or cat had gotten themselves injured, and you didn’t know what to do to help, or even how to transport them safely to the vet? Have you ever thought that cat or dog CPR could be a good thing to learn?

We have too, so we spent over a year and a half developing our new pet first aid course, Pro Pet Hero.

The course covers topics covering cat and dog CPR, hypothermia and more. We also show you what you need to build your own pet first aid kit.

My wife and I have some pet guinea pigs, in addition to our new baby girl. Over the last few years, these little animals have gotten injured in various ways that we either could correct ourselves, or we had to make our way to a vet to have them take a look. The only problem is, sometimes the vet is closed or you don’t have the emergency number or a nearby Animal Emergency Hospital to help out. And it’s a Saturday morning and you have to wait until Monday.

If you have a dog or a cat, you may be able to relate, at least somewhat, to this situation. It’s literally what happened with two of our guinea pigs… one broke a toenail and the other got a stray bit of hay in her eye.

One thing we would have loved to have as a resource is an online pet first aid course. That way, we could watch some videos that could help us out. While dealing with the hay in the eye incident is something that would require veterinary care, the broken nail was something we might have been able to deal with, if we had a course like this. While Pro Pet Hero is designed with dogs and cats in mind, most of the topics can be applied to the smaller animals in our lives.

Here’s just one of the videos from our pet first aid course. Take a look!

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