Salespeople: Spreading the Word Online

Share the News

If you have friends, followers or readers that don't already know about ProTrainings, then sharing ProTrainings online using Facebook, Twitter or your blog is right for you. Using tools that we provide, you're able to easily inform your friends about our courses and each visitor, sign-up and purchase is tracked and attributed to you.

Share the news

Course Buttons

If you have a website or blog and you would like to share ProTrainings with your readers, you are able to add buttons to your website. These stand out and are more aesthetically pleasing than links. Each course has its own available button that automatically will tie you and credit you with all traffic.

Course button

Share This

Instead of simply linking back to a ProTrainings course on your Facebook status or Twitter feed, use the ShareThis tool, which will automatically publish the message for you and enables us to record anyone who clicks through that message. The ShareThis tool allows you to use Facebook, Twitter, emails & other online resources.

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