Full access to manage your group's training

One of the biggest advantages to online training is that there's no more paperwork to track down. With your complimentary company dashboard, you have 24/7 access to your staff's training records.

How much you use the dashboard is completely up to you. Send training reminders to your employees, monitor expirations, print reports. Or, just give us a call and we'll be happy to look it up for you.

Flexible training options

100% online CPR certification

100% Online

Our most popular and the easiest option to implement. It works best for companies that are not mandated to provide CPR training for their staff.

SUMO blended CPR certification

Online + Remote Eval

If your staff require CPR for OSHA or licensing reasons, then hands-on is likely required. This option fulfills the hands-on requirement using a web cam eval with a remote ProTrainings instructor.

On-site blended CPR certification

Online + On-Site Eval

For organizations with many employees who need to be trained with hands-on, this option is usually best. We train someone at each of your locations to perform the in-person eval.

Real-time reporting & automatic notifications

No more wondering who has done their training and who hasn't. Need proof of a certification? You can print a new card right from your company dashboard.

One of your employees hasn't certified yet? Remind them with a single click. Employees will also get automatic renewal notifications when it's time to renew.

And since your account comes with a custom login screen, people will always know they're in the right place.

Dashboard: Real-time reporting

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