United States Liability Insurance (USLI) is an insurance provider and underwriter for small businesses. A member of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies, USLI is an A++ rated company that supports its products with financial strength and stability.

The Challenge

USLI found that the traditional CPR training model was not well designed to meet the needs of the company. They had an outside instructor who held two sessions for training, but as Penny Taney from the Personal Development Team explains, "It was hard to find times when everyone was available to attend both of the sessions. This was especially difficult for our people that worked in the evenings."

When USLI began opening new offices in California, Texas, and Illinois, it became clear that a new system was needed to get remote offices trained and certified.

The Solution

USLI chose ProTrainings for a holistic CPR solution. Employees take the CPR classes online and attend hands-on skill evaluations with ProTrainings-certified instructors in-house. Remote locations no longer need to fend for themselves, as every employee receives the same high-quality training experience.

The Results

Employee training is now accounted for, tracked, and managed without the hassle of forcing employees to adapt to the rigid schedule of an outside instructor. And as a bonus, ProTrainings is accredited with the fitness groups USLI uses for their corporate wellness program. In Penny's words, "CPR Certification is also part of a Wellness Degree that we offer. We also make it available to our people's families. We have had several new parents get certified."

Next Step

If you see your organization facing challenges similar to what USLI faced, we'd be happy to have a conversation today about how we can put your problems in the past.

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