Quality, Compliance and Convenience

Exceptional service, high-quality and a non-judgemental environment are hallmarks of United PF Partners, the largest franchisee of an international fitness center business. The company’s commitment to their members and employees takes many forms. One of which is ensuring all club locations and staff comply with health regulations including maintaining appropriate and accredited CPR certifications.

Past CPR Program Challenges

With more than 160 clubs, United PF Partners struggled to find an effective way of delivering CPR training that consistently met its criteria for quality across all of its locations while also tracking staff certifications in a manageable way. Additionally, the company faced an immediate need to certify thousands of people instantaneously, alongside delivering ongoing trainings thereafter.

Traditional in-person group training sessions at individual gyms were far too costly, time-consuming and inconvenient to implement. As a widely-dispersed group with often conflicting schedules, United PF Partners could not rely on this method for CPR training, yet they needed a solution that delivered a level of quality that aligned with their corporate emphasis on quality for their customers.

These scheduling challenges made United PF Partners consider online CPR training options as their managers and staff were used to completing online training for other topics through their own learning management system. However, they didn’t like the idea of having to introduce yet another system into the mix.

A New Approach

United PF Partners reached out to ProTrainings to help them launch an all-new CPR training and certification program in 2019 at their 160+gyms. Other franchisees and corporate-owned clubs also implemented the model adopted by this group, sometimes incorporating hands-on skills testing with on-staff instructors.

Impact to the Business

Within the first three months, 2,000 staff members received CPR training and certification. United PF Partners management and employees love their training program as it delivers many benefits, including:

  • Convenient scheduling—staff can log onto courses anytime, anywhere
  • Exceptional learning methodology—course segments allow students to work at their own pace
  • Worry-free accreditation—certifications are fully accepted
  • Ease of use—staff use the LMS system they already know
  • Easy universal reporting—anytime-access to certification data directly through their own LMS

"Integrating the CPR training into our LMS couldn’t have been easier for us, and it made training much more accessible to our staff."
- Cullen Barbato, COO, United PF Partners

Next Step

If you see your organization facing challenges similar to what United Pf Partners faced, we'd be happy to have a conversation today about how we can put your problems in the past.

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