Supporting Personalized Autism Therapy to Children

Since 2005, Hopebridge has been transforming the lives of families with children on the autism spectrum. Their 2,100+ employees work across more than 50 therapy centers in multiple states. Integral to their mission is the promise that each child receives personalized, one-on-one care from a licensed professional. They equip children with the tools needed for a full life while simplifying parents' lives.

Past CPR Program Challenges

Hopebridge works with more than 200 insurers, including Medicaid, who mandate that Hopebridge staff be CPR certified to approve payments for treatment. This makes near universal certification and easy record tracking a requirement for Hopebridge. A geographically dispersed workforce with fluctuating staffing made this a substantial challenge.

  • Hopebridge attempted to solve its CPR training and certification needs via multiple approaches, each with its own shortcoming:
  • Putting the onus on individual employees prevented the oversight needed for compliance reporting.
  • Training internal staff designed to be traveling CPR instructors became too cumbersome and expensive, especially with fluctuating staff turnover.
  • Tasking each center manager with tracking staff CPR training, certification and reporting resulted in company-wide inconsistency and a lack of bandwidth, precluding this from being a long-term solution.

A New Approach

Hopebridge implemented a new company-wide CPR Training program in early 2020 that included self-paced online video courses for all staff with hands-on testing conducted at their home center by a certified evaluator.

Impact to the Business

Hopebridge therapists and staff feel as though a big weight has been lifted off their shoulders. By ensuring everyone has easy access to the quality training they need when they need it, staff can focus on what matters most to them--the children. No longer do administrators fear payment rejections by insurers or--even worse--the inability to help a child because of a CPR compliance issue.

Today, Hopebridge enjoys:

  • Worry-free accreditation--certifications fully accepted by all insurers, including Medicaid.
  • Easy reporting--anytime access to certification data for all team staff, including recertification dates.
  • Quality training outcomes-- course segments allow students to learn at their own pace and complete a live, in-person, hands-on test.
  • Happy staff-- who no longer need to train on weekends or travel long distances to get certified.
  • Consistency-- a company-wide program that negates the effects of turnover and is low maintenance.

Next Step

If you see your organization facing challenges similar to what Hopebridge faced, we'd be happy to have a conversation today about how we can put your problems in the past.

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