General Dynamics is a global aerospace and defense company. Their broad portfolio of products and services includes business aviation, combat vehicles, shipbuilding, and more.

In mid-2016, General Dynamics acquired government contracts that brought new compliance stipulations and caused them to seek a provider for CPR and Bloodborne Pathogens training that could match their needs at scale.

The Challenge

With thousands of employees requiring training over multiple states, General Dynamics realized that the traditional model of instructors running local classes would be much too cumbersome. Taking precious hours of their staff's time for training on-site would be both costly and inefficient, and tracking and managing the process would be messy at best.

General Dynamics searched for a reputable, reliable online provider with whom to partner. ProTrainings offered a number of attractive benefits. "We were looking for programs that offered an online component that we could use for people before they came to the site," said Kathy. In addition, General Dynamics also required blended, or hands-on, training for CPR.

The Solution

ProTrainings offered a CPR solution that allowed for the best of both worlds, with built in tracking. Using the online training videos, staff could learn CPR at their own pace, at their leisure, with individual accounts and logins. Their usage was tracked and managed automatically, with notifications sent out to prompt both staff and managers with timely updates on progress.

For the blended, or hands-on, component, ProTrainings trained selected staff from General Dynamics to be Skill Evaluators via live, 1-on-1 training sessions. These Skill Evaluators in turn assessed the practical portion of the CPR training, fulfilling every compliance requirement. This allowed General Dynamics to do the entire training program in-house, without leaning on an unreliable outside instructor network.

ProTrainings further assisted with equipment and set-up to make implementation a breeze.

When the training finally began, General Dynamics used ProTrainings' online dashboards to monitor progress and stay informed.

The Results

General Dynamics has now successfully trained thousands of employees in both CPR and Bloodborne Pathogens with ease. When asked if they felt in control of the process and their training, the answer was a resounding, "Yes!" Stakeholders were pleased, employees were satisfied, and the whole undertaking went smoothly. General Dynamics saved themselves considerable time and money, benefiting from ProTrainings' modern approach to training.

Every day, ProTrainings solves the problems that thousands of companies face around the world. We accomplish this by fully understanding each company's needs, meeting them where they are, and automating a solution in order to hand over total control.

Next Step

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