DK Security provides uniformed security staff and services throughout the Midwest for event facilities, retail locations and more. The company prides itself on the quality of its contract security services, including ensuring all staff are fully trained in CPR and first aid. In fact, many of their clients require this certification. At the same time, DK Security works hard to build a positive environment for its staff to improve retention and performance.

Past CPR Program Challenges

In an industry that commonly experiences high turnover, DK Security management knew that maintaining full certification compliance required them to hold frequent training courses to ensure all new employees were properly certified. In addition, their dispersed staff meant the company would need to host multiple classes in multiple locations, only adding to the logistical complexities.

Relying on traditional in-person CPR and First Aid classes meant asking people to give up an entire off-duty day, losing out on family or other leisure time — something understandably not popular with employees. But without the right certifications, the company could not sufficiently meet the needs of its clients.

DK Security grew increasingly concerned that they had to choose between keeping their employees happy and meeting the needs of their clients.

A New Approach

With ProTrainings’ help, DK Security designed a CPR and First Aid training program that increased employee satisfaction, helped grow their business, and reduced their administrative burden in ways they never thought possible.

Impact to the Business

DK Security started working with ProTrainings in 2012 and has never looked back. CPR and First Aid training happens via recorded video, allowing employees to take courses when it works for them. The boost to employee morale was noticeable immediately and even helped them retain good staff. Clients continue to trust their contracted security staff will always be ready and able to respond in the face of an emergency.

  • Happy, loyal employees — staff feel valued and supported by their employer
  • Happy, loyal clients — customers trust DK Security to provide quality services at every turn
  • Flexibility — training courses fit into any schedule and hands-on skill evaluations are easily scheduled with in-house trainers
  • Multi-course certification and recognized accreditation — staff can take training for CPR, AED, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens, all of which are recognized by state governments and other entities
  • Easy compliance — the company can verify certification status at a moment’s notice
  • Business expansion — ProTrainings has even provided customer referrals to DK Security!

Next Step

If you see your organization facing challenges similar to what DK Security faced, we'd be happy to have a conversation today about how we can put your problems in the past.

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