DK Security is a full-service security company offering a variety of security-related services. As the premier security provider of West Michigan, DK Security has a comprehensive and holistic offering to ensure the safety and protection of their clientele.

The Challenge

Customers demand that they are provided with competently trained staff in the event of an emergency. The traditional instructor method was ineffective, inefficient, and in Tom Conrad's words, "a logistical nightmare." Tom is Executive Director at House of Worship Security Network for DK Security, and he needed a solution that could deliver the high-quality, professional training his clients rely upon, consistently and at scale.

The Solution

DK Security decided to partner with ProTrainings after reviewing the training and the online tools. Conrad reports, "I would not have partnered with ProTrainings unless I could be assured that the training was high-level, professional, effective, and efficient. Our clients expect something, and we have to meet and exceed those expectations."

The Results

DK Security is now assured that the CPR training their staff members receive and their clients rely upon is consistently great. Tracking and managing their staff through the online dashboard is much simpler now for DK security. "ProTrainings makes it so easy," Tom says. "[The company dashboard] is a wonderful thing... there is a significant record keeping component. One of the hardest things is to manage who has completed what. Now I can manage those records so easily."

Next Step

If you see your organization facing challenges similar to what DK Security faced, we'd be happy to have a conversation today about how we can put your problems in the past.

To learn more about how ProTrainings can help with your training needs, call us today at 866-840-4331. Want to get started right now? Click here for a group quote. We’re happy to help.