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Just a few words from our students

Casey Miller, Nurse Technician

All the questions are straightforward. I could see how they could really apply in a real life situation.

I really enjoyed taking the First Aid course. I am a pet sitter and want to be prepared incase something happens when I am caring for the pets I watch. I feel more confident to be able to access the situation & make a educated decision. Thank You so much for this wonderful course.

Information was thorough and easy to follow. Loved the online learning option for certification. I feel confident as a dog walker and pet owner in now providing first aid and CPR if needed.


good experience

very informative. AWESOME COURSE

The training was great and the website was very resourceful

I did ok

Very informative and professionally done. The instructor is passionate about what he does. Models were excellent

Excellent training and review for re-certification

option to review at self-pace is excellent

Very good. Well presented.

easy to use and follow.

Easy, straightforward, effective, and memorable!

Excellent presentation of skills and adaptability. Great training! God bless!

This training was extensive and very helpful in allowing me to meet my goals as an ACLS provider. I would recommend it to others for first time ACLS certification or for those refreshing their skills and knowledge for re-certification. Thank you for having this online training available along with option to skills training/hands-on training with equipment mailed directly to my home, coordinating with an online certified ACLS trainer from Prostaff. This takes care of the COVID-19 online ACLS training and re-certification need for ACLS providers in a safe environment.

To be frank, it was very difficult. But I did my best on a test!

Great information and use of images and video examples

Thank you. My last ACLS course was about 5 years ago. Frankly, I was terrified to do any ACLS course. This course is a crystal clear and concise review and update. I am looking forward to monthly emails to keep up my skills and confidence until recent in 2 years.

The videos were informative and easy to watch. enjoyed this training and would recommend it to others.

Very short and sufficient videos! Loved how they were to-the-point and gave a bit of reasoning behind the decisions!

An exceptional way to learn and re-apply for certification.

Good overview for those needing recertification.

Excellent overall review. Easy to understand. Truly appreciate all of the work that went into making this series. Thank you!

I always feel comfortable & confidant that I would be able to administer any BLS/CPR/Trauma care needed if placed in a situation requiring it.

I enjoyed the videos. They were consistent and reinforced the written material very well.

Love this course

Very instructional when telling you why a response is correct or incorrect.

All instructions were easy to understand

The learning is very educational. Most things you may not be aware of, but with the training you're able to learn them now.

Easy, quick, and convenient!

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