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Top professionals trust ProTrainings to get certified the simple way because they know that life matters.
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Life is valuable

We care a lot about the dignity and value of life. But what does that mean?

It means being prepared to help friends and loved ones in need. (That’s why free CPR training is such an integral part of who we are.)

It means building engaging courses with expert teachers so you’ll learn.

It means having more time with loved ones by taking the training from your living room couch rather than spending your weekend in a classroom.

It means you care about the quality of your training.

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Capacitación gratuita de RCP

Haciendo del mundo un lugar más seguro... una comunidad a la vez.
You learn math and English in school. But what about CPR and first aid? Knowing how to save a life is a basic skill every child should have by the time they graduate.

By partnering with hundreds of schools around the country, we’ve had the privilege of training the next generation of fearless rescuers to make a meaningful impact in their communities.
  • No hay costo para tomar cursos
  • Los estudiantes se certifican gratis
  • Esforzarse por alcanzar el 100 % de alfabetización en RCP
  • Impulsados por nuestra convicción de que la vida es valiosa

Training is about more than a card

Yes, you need a certification card to work. But more importantly, your training could mean the difference between life and death to someone in trouble.

That’s why it’s vital that the skills you learn become second-nature and the training is fresh in your mind when you need it most.

We’ll help you stay fresh with continual re-training through weekly refresher emails covering a short segment each week. And with unlimited access to our training library, you will always be prepared.

Roy habla sobre la confusión emocional cuando la RCP no funciona.

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Great training starts with “why”

A good teacher can teach you what you need to know, but a great teacher gets to the heart of why it matters. A great teacher’s passion is contagious.

You should leave your course feeling empowered and confident. A great teacher makes sure that happens.

Learn about your instructor

Training built for you

Valuing life means protecting the lives of those you hold dear, and we’re committed to making that easier for you.

Questioning the status quo means the training overcomes traditional classroom limitations, making your experience easier, more concise, and more effective.

If you have questions, it’s important that you get help from a real person who cares about your training as much as you do.

We’re here for you, every step of the way.

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