Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment at a glance

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Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that violates Title VII of the Federal Civil Rights Act. This training will focus on discrimination based on sex-- specifically in regard to harassment where prohibited conduct is sexual in nature. Employers need this training in order to reduce liability for harassment claims by helping prepare employees and supervisors. Employees need this training in order to properly identify and report incidents of sexual harassment.

General Workplace

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Food Service

Employers who want to reduce liability for harassment claims

Total course time includes 25 minutes of video training as well as knowledge reviews, final test, remedial help and reviewing downloaded material.

Identifying sexual harassment

Stopping sexual harassment

Preventing sexual harassment

Employer's responsibilities

What People are Saying

“This was by far the most to the point yet informative course.”

- Carla, Admin. Asst. from NY

“Work-place health & safety culture required to be maintained in each organization along with POSH implementation for women/ladies safety. ”

- Parminder, Manager Security & Safety from Maharashtra