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Casey Miller, Nurse Technician

All the questions are straightforward. I could see how they could really apply in a real life situation.

This HIPAA Training was informative and engaging. I will recommend this for my staff to the practice owner.

I wasn't expecting the amount of information that the course gave me, I learned so much from the lessons and am eternally grateful for the experience. My knowledge in pet first aid and CPR is much more vast and I will continue to further my education. This was a wonderful first step and I would recommend this course to anyone!! :)

Dr. Conner was very thorough in her videos and very well spoken. It was easy to hear every word. Plus, I love that she added live animals in the demos.

This training is very comprehensive - the repetition is good for retention - you can go back & back again to review - you can do it on your own time - it is better than any live class I have taken over the last 30+ years - every year when I go into the website they have added more information and I have learned a great deal more - I highly recommend this website training to my students and colleagues as well~!!!

I’ve been in the video field for over 20 years and these videos and this training course are some of the best I’ve seen. High quality production values with an engaging, knowledgeable and professional host. I highly recommend this for anyone seeking to learn First Aid/CPR, either for personal reasons or for certification.

What one says is secondary to how it is said, and the video instructor was so compassionate in all that he spoke of it provided a more hear-and-listen response from the student! God's blessings to all at ProTrainings for their labors of love! Chaplain BobH

I totally recommend Pro Trainings, especially for those professionals who have very busy schedules and find it very difficult to find the time to complete their needed CPR training courses. I work the 2nd shift and it is like pulling teeth to work the training into my schedule! This way, I can do it in the comfort of my home, and not have to be in the boring, drawn out classroom setting! And I just love Roy Shaw's training videos!! He really knows his stuff, and is very thorough! Hats off to you Roy!! Keep up the good work and Thank You for what you do out there on a daily basis in helping people in need, etc. and thank you for being such a great teacher!

I own a new Tattoo Shop in Chicago, IL & will require all artist, piercers, apprentices & staff to use this site for training before being hired.

This training answered so many questions I had regarding pathogenic safety in my workplace. I feel much more at ease knowing what the hazards are and the facts about how contaminants are spread. Now I can confidently get to work creating beautiful body art! Thank you!

I appreciated the quality and patient expanations of the Paramedic instructor. He was obviously very experienced and passionate about the role we have should we find ourselves in an emergency situation. I also appreciated his segment on "What if CPR doesn't work." What a valuable and important piece to be added to the complete and best practices for emergency rescue techniques. All in all, I thought this was the best training I participated in for my 7th refresher course.

The training videos were clear and easy to understand. The trainer is experienced out in the field and shares his knowledge and experiences with us. Explanations were given which inform us how the body works in different scenarios. It's not about memorization. Changes and updates were explained. You can save your place and return where you left off.

I enjoyed my ACLS training, the innovation which was vrought across with videos and scenarios. It allowed you to think on the spot and it molded me to be a great and more confident ACLS Provider. Julien Kentish Caribbean West Indies

Well done! Training with passion, empathy and reality. Best ever! Thank you!

Excelente, la instrucción que recibí a través de los vídeos fue muy clara y sencilla de comprender, lo recomiendo en un 100%!

Lo recomiendo, los vídeos ayudan mucho! Hay que cosas que se me habían olvidado.

Me siento satisfecho con haber pasado este curso, nos ayuda a tener un conocimiento pleno de como debemos ayudar a cualquier persona de cualquier edad cuando se encuentra una situación de vida o muerte. Adames ayuda a toda persona que tiene bebé en casa como puede auxiliarlo si se encontrara en una situación de peligro.

Very easy to understand and not too lengthy an explanation that you lose interest and can't retain what has been said. A lot of good information delivered in a concise yet thorough fashion.

I am still alive because someone gave me CPR when I went into cardiac arrest 17 years ago. I don't know who it was, but taking this training has reminded me what a gift this anonymous Angel gave me, because they knew these skills, and were not afraid to use them. Infinite "THANK YOU's!!!!!!!!!" to that Angel and to everyone working to make these essential skills more accessible.

Owner/ tattoo artist at Tina’s Ink tatto0 gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is always a great course for tattoo artists to be able to really understand in their own invironment, and make sure they get the correct information. I will always send my artists here for their renewals.

Excelente! Se aprende muchas cosas muy interesantes para nuestra vida cotidiana y prepararnos para el mañana.

El curso está muy completo con las guías nuevas y abordando muchísimos temas!

Excellent informative training. All companies should have at least one member of staff trained in this field and as an Expert Witness in Traumatic Stress an Abuse issues, I have no hesitation in recommending Pro Training for any and all training that you may require in this field and or any other one.

I've been taking CPR classes for over 20 years and this is by far the BEST course I've ever taken! The video series is awesome, captivating, and I actually wanted to learn more new information. It's far better than sitting in a 3 hour class where the instructor is just "doing his job" so we can all get our certificates. Way to go!!!!

This site makes it very convenient for healthcare workers that have already previously attended a class and just need to renew their certification. As a nurse we know all to well that the one thing we never have enough of is time...I'm so thankful that a coworker and friend introduced me to your site!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

When you first start and see that there are 43 video's you are a little taken back. One you get thru the videos I realized that I learned more thru this program than any other class I have taken in the past.

This course was wonderful. Extremely informative. Anyone that has a pet should take this course. I am going to recommend it to all my friends that have pets, it's not just for professionals. You could save the life of the dog or cat that loves you!

This training is excellent. The videos are well done and clear, the site is easy to use and staff quickly answered my questions in the 'chat.' I have been a nurse for 12 years, am now an NP and needed this training for my next step, I found this perfect for my needs. I like the "student manual" with algorithms for cardiac arrest and ECG interpretation -great resource!

ProFirstAid has to be the best online adult and infant First Aid, CPR, AED available. The instructor is great. The weekly refresher and new updated best practices videos are invaluable. They cover many common scenarios, and they ensure that your training and skills are current. When you train with ProFirstAid, it's not just a one-shot transaction, they follow up and continue to train you through the entire validity period of your certification. They're just top-notch!

I have used ProCPR for CPR training since becoming a nurse. Roy Shaw is an AMAZING instructor, whose methods help me retain this crucial information. I feel confident in my ability to "Go forth and Rescue"!

As a healthcare professional, I find ProCPR to be the finest online educational and certification processes. It provides straightforward evidence-based knowledge and training which are required for effective use of CPR in all settings.

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