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CPR Certification Requirements for Teachers in California

California is a unique and special state, and it’s one of the states that has recently seen a surge of support for online-based CPR certification in recent years. 

Just like any state, it’s important to know what the acceptance is for online CPR certifications. Below we’ve prepared a list of the specific approvals of ProTrainings courses for Teachers in the state of California.
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Summary of CPR Certification Requirements for California

  • Teachers in California are required to have an Adult, Child, and Infant Pediatric CPR, AED and First Aid certification.
  • The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing requires Teachers to complete CPR certification for preliminary credentialing.
  • A (hands-on) practical skills component may be required by the state or your local school district to maintain employment.
  • Most employers will require a Lay Rescuer CPR, AED, and First Aid certification for all ages.
  • An online course is accepted in California for Teachers.
  • Those teaching Sports Management, Physical Education, Nutrition or Health courses may have additional requirements.


Course Content

Teachers in California usually need a Lay Rescuer CPR, AED certification. Required training should include; Adult, Child, Infant CPR, AED and First Aid.

Delivery Method

Teachers in California may complete their training online, in-person or via a blended course in order to meet their state licensure requirement. Different school districts may require a specific training method or a specific provider.

If you are not certain of your employer's requirement, make sure to check with them about both the training type and the required course content.

List of ALL Board and approval bodies:

Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Summary of CPR Certification Requirements for California:

The Commission on Teacher Credentialing requires CPR certification for preliminary credential (single and multiple subject teaching) that covers infant, child, and adult CPR skills that meets the standards established by the American Heart Association.

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Board Statement:

Requirements for the Preliminary Credential
Applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements for the Five-Year Preliminary Teaching Credential:
c. Instruction in Health Education, including, but not limited to, nutrition; the physiological and sociological effects of alcohol, narcotics, and drug abuse; the use of tobacco; and provide verification of training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) that covers infant, child, and adult CPR skills that meets the standards established by the American Heart Association or Red Cross.

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In addition to your online first aid and CPR certification, practice hands-on with a CPR manikin in a blended program.

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Our online CPR and first aid certification resources can be used to facilitate classroom training, skills practice, and continuing education.

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