How to Create Your Own Team of Happiness Heroes: Prioritizing Amazing Customer Service

ProTrainings Happiness Heroes: Characteristics of Companies with Amazing Customer Service

At ProTrainings, we talk a lot about saving lives. But we also believe that everyday heroes can make a difference in the world just by making someone’s day a little better. Employees at companies with amazing customer service act as “happiness heroes,” saving the day for each customer they serve. 

That’s why we call all of our customer service team members exactly that: Happiness Heroes. At ProTrainings, we’ve seen first-hand how prioritizing customer service builds trust between us and our clients and students, while also allowing you the opportunity to make a positive difference in people’s lives by having a great experience with our live-saving skills training. 

Ultimately, we want to equip as many people as possible with CPR skills (and we’re well on our way to training our 3 millionth person!). But it’s equally important to us to serve our customers and our organization partners to the fullest every single day. 

Here are some of the key characteristics of amazing customer service we’ve learned and honed over the decades, and how you and your team can become Happiness Heroes, too! 

Why Customer Service Matters

No matter what product you sell or service you offer, one thing people will never forget is the way you treat them. An incredible customer experience can elevate the customer’s perception of you from average to amazing. Likewise, a terrible customer experience can drive customers away, even if your products or service offerings are the best on the market.

Companies with amazing customer service understand that how they treat their customers — and how customers feel about that treatment — is crucial. As a result, these companies strive to create a customer experience that makes people’s lives easier and leaves each customer feeling satisfied and thankful for the support they’ve received. 

How to Provide Excellent Customer Service

One of the most important things our own Happiness Heroes team has learned since ProTrainings was founded in 2003 is that our priority must always be creating a positive customer experience every time. 

As you evaluate your own customer service processes and results, consider how you and your team can — above all else — leave a positive impression on customers in everything you do. Here are our top tips:

Lead with Empathy

People want to be heard and understood, and for their problems and questions to be taken seriously. So the first step to providing amazing customer service is to really listen to what your customers have to say.

Ask yourself and your customer service team things like: 

  • What needs or desires do they expect your products/services to fulfill?
  • What problems prevent them from having those needs or desires met? 
  • What have they already tried to fix the problem? 
  • What are they specifically asking you to do about it?

Even if you don’t have an immediate solution, communicating that you understand the customer’s point of view and that you care about helping them solve the problem will go a long way toward creating a positive experience. 

Treat Each Customer Like a VIP

As business owners and service providers, nothing we do is possible without the customers who purchase from us. It’s also far less expensive to keep a customer than to acquire a new one, so it’s paramount to keep existing customers happy. That’s why our Happiness Heroes go out of their way to show appreciation for every single customer they serve.

When you or your team interact directly with customers, give each person the VIP treatment, no matter how big or small their total spend is. Often, this means offering personalized interactions that feel friendly and genuine, not forced or generic. Look for small but tangible ways to show appreciation, be it greeting regular customers by name or sending handwritten thank-you notes.

Communicate Clearly & Efficiently

The last thing you want is for customers to walk away feeling like you’ve wasted their time. Instead, prioritize clear, efficient communication and make it as easy and convenient as possible for people to get the information they need. 

One way to do this is to establish a mutual goal at the beginning of your customer service communication. Identify what your customer needs and verbalize that you understand and will help them achieve that goal. 

Another way that you can communicate clearly and efficiently company-wide is by making sure your online presence is up-to-date and well-organized, so people can find information easily. That way, customers can get the answers to common questions on their own, freeing you and your team to personally address more complex issues and shine! 

Respond to Feedback

Part of providing excellent customer service is responding positively to customer feedback — the good, the bad, and the ugly. When you make improvements based on feedback and let reviewers know that their comments were heard and put to good use, you demonstrate to customers that their voice matters and that you care about the quality of service you provide. 

Additionally, responding graciously to unhappy customers — even if they’re in the wrong — can help turn a negative interaction into a more positive one. Even if you can’t satisfy that particular customer, you may be able to make a positive impact on other prospective customers who see the professional manner in which you handle negative feedback.

Companies with Amazing Customer Service Save the Day

At the end of the day, companies with amazing customer service understand the importance of prioritizing the customer in everything they do. There’s something truly heroic about making a positive impact on someone’s day, and excellent customer service always seeks to help the customer leave at least a little (or a lot!) happier than when they arrived. 

At ProTrainings, we believe everyone can be a hero — whether that means saving someone’s life or saving their day. Connect with us on LinkedIn to learn more about how you and your team can provide excellent lifesaving service to others.