Top 10 Benefits of Being CPR Certified

ProTrainings Top 10 Benefits of Being CPR Certified

Most people understand that CPR is a vital, life-saving skill, but did you know that the benefits of being CPR certified extend beyond the ability to save lives? 

Getting your CPR certification makes you a valuable asset to your job, family, and community — and it can also help increase your self-confidence and ability to keep a level head in a crisis. 

With so many benefits and available options for training and certification programs, there’s really no reason not to get CPR certified as soon as you can!

Read on to learn the top 10 benefits of getting your CPR certification, from saving lives to advancing your career and personal skills.

Save a Life

The first and most obvious of the many benefits of being CPR certified is to save lives. In an emergency, every second counts. One willing bystander stepping in to administer aid can mean the difference between life and death.

By getting your CPR certification, you can be that person. You can gain the skills and confidence to perform CPR and keep a person suffering from cardiac arrest alive until further help is able to arrive. 

Strengthen Your Resume

No matter what your profession may be, CPR is a valuable skill. Some jobs even require CPR training. But even if it’s not required, being trained to administer CPR in an emergency means you have an extra asset you can bring to the table. 

Not only does this give you a boost above the competition, but it also equips you to step in should an emergency occur on the job. And keep in mind, that can happen anywhere, at any time.

Set a Good Example for Your Kids & Community

This world can always use more people who are able and willing to help save lives in emergencies. Just about anyone can learn how to administer CPR, especially considering how many options are available for in-person, online, or blended training.

ProTrainings Top 10 Benefits of Being CPR Certified

By getting your certification and making others aware of the benefits of being CPR certified, you can inspire those around you to do the same. 

Be Prepared for Anything That Comes Your Way

You never know when a disaster could strike, and many people simply aren’t prepared to help rescue someone in need. Instead of helping, they may freeze, panic, or put themselves or others in danger. One of the many benefits of being CPR certified is that you’ll know what to do when — not if — an emergency occurs. 

While you don’t necessarily have to be fully CPR certified to be capable of saving lives in an emergency, the more training you have, the more prepared and confident you’ll be to handle an unexpected crisis. 

Build Confidence

Many people hesitate to perform CPR out of fear. For example, they may be afraid of doing something wrong and hurting or failing to save the person. In a situation where every second counts, even a short hesitation can have fatal consequences.

CPR training and certification can give you the confidence you need to step up and give life-saving aid. Instead of hesitating out of fear or uncertainty, you can jump into action, regardless of whether others are available or willing to help. 

Train Others After Yourself

There are many options available for CPR training, from general CPR to first aid and more. And you don’t have to stop at your own certification. You can also go on to become a certified CPR instructor or skill evaluator to train others in this vital skill. 

This can be another way to boost your resume, increase your value and contributions to your current job, or simply build up your skill set, all while helping make the world a safer place for everyone. 

Give Yourself & Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind

If you have young children, elderly family members, or other friends or family members with health risks, it can be especially comforting to know you’ll be able to help them if and when needed. 

But it’s also important to remember that emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. One of the benefits of being CPR certified is that you know you have the necessary skills to save lives no matter where you are or who you’re with. 

Recognize Emergencies & Provide Better Aid

If a person suddenly collapses or is unconscious, it can be difficult to know how to respond, especially for untrained bystanders. Without proper training, you may be uncertain whether you should perform CPR or offer some other kind of aid. 

With proper training, however, you can learn to identify emergencies that require CPR. This will enable you to act faster and more decisively, giving the person in need a better chance of survival. 

Learn How to Handle Other Types of Emergencies

While many emergency situations require CPR to save the person’s life, not all do. It’s important to know the difference so you can provide appropriate care, avoid making mistakes, and protect yourself and others from further harm. 

One of the benefits of being CPR certified and also certified in other first aid skills is that you can prepare yourself to handle any kind of emergency — not only those where the person needs CPR. 

Make a Difference in the World

Unfortunately, some emergencies are inevitable. While you can’t prevent them from happening, however, you can prepare yourself and those around you to act when they do happen. 

Sometimes all it takes is one CPR certified person to save a life. Just imagine the difference it would make if the majority of people were trained to administer emergency aid! 

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Being CPR Certified

The benefits of being CPR certified go beyond saving a life — though that’s certainly reason enough! CPR certification also teaches you how to effectively and confidently handle emergencies, builds confidence, supplies peace of mind for you and your loved ones, and helps make your community a safer place for everyone. 
Why wait any longer? Check out our CPR certification programs and get CPR certified today!