How to Perform the Jaw Thrust Maneuver

ProTrainings How to Perform the Jaw Thrust Maneuver

Have you performed the jaw thrust maneuver? When performing CPR rescue breaths, it is essential to ensure that the victim’s airway remains clear. For most patients, rescuers can use the head-tilt chin-lift technique, which consists of placing one’s hands on the back of the head and the chin of the victim and tilting the head back, which helps make sure the patient’s airway is not obstructed.

However, if the patient has experienced certain kinds of injuries, tilting the patient’s head could be inadvisable and even dangerous. In such cases, the jaw thrust maneuver should be used.

In this article, you’ll learn how to perform the maneuver properly so that you can add it to your quiver of essential first-aid techniques. However, as with all life-saving first aid techniques, knowing when to use it is just as important as knowing how to perform it.

When to Perform the Jaw Thrust Maneuver vs. the Head-Tilt Chin-Lift

While the head-tilt chin-lift technique works well in many cases and has the advantage of being somewhat easier to perform, it should not be used in scenarios in which there is a possibility of neck injury. The jaw thrust maneuver should be used whenever there is an injury to the cervical spine that could be aggravated by the head-tilt chin-lift.

You may not always be able to tell whether the victim has suffered a spinal injury, so if the emergency involved any potential physical trauma, such as a car accident, a fall, or other injury, use the jaw thrust maneuver.

In general, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you come across an unresponsive person and don’t know what happened to them, it’s best to perform the jaw thrust maneuver as opposed to the head-tilt chin-lift just in case they have suffered some injury to the cervical spine.

How to Perform the Jaw Thrust Maneuver

When performed correctly, this maneuver brings the patient’s tongue away from their throat. This prevents airway obstruction during rescue breathing without risk of aggravating any injuries to the cervical spine.

ProTrainings How to Perform the Jaw Thrust Maneuver

In addition to being useful during CPR, the jaw thrust maneuver can also be used in any other situation in which an unconscious person with a potential spinal injury is at risk of blocking their airway.

To perform the maneuver, use the following three steps:

  1. Kneel down next to the victim’s head.
  2. Place both hands on the side of the victim’s face and position your middle two fingers under the angle of the jaw.
  3. Lift the jaw upward while being very careful not to move the victim’s neck. 

On top of helping rescuers save lives, the jaw thrust maneuver also helps mitigate spinal injuries. As such, it is an essential first aid technique that everyone should know, particularly those whose jobs require them to be CPR certified.

How to Get Your Staff CPR Certified

Knowing how to perform valuable first aid techniques like the jaw thrust maneuver can help save lives. That’s why it is so important to make sure your staff members are trained on how to perform it, along with other lifesaving skills.

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