4 Signs It’s Time for Your CPR Instructor to Stop Multitasking

ProTrainings 4 Signs It’s Time for Your CPR Instructor to Stop Multitasking

Having a dedicated in-house CPR instructor for your business or organization can be useful, especially if you only have a small number of employees who need CPR certification. But problems can arise when that instructor takes on too many tasks at once and becomes overwhelmed.

It’s not uncommon for the dedicated CPR instructor within a given organization to wear many hats, such as educator, nurse, staff orientation coordinator, and so on. But if your instructor is handling too much at once, they’re likely to fall behind on some tasks, causing other employees to fall behind, as well. 

If that’s happening to your organization, it may be time to outsource your CPR instruction to an online platform instead of laying the entire burden of responsibility on one employee. Here are four signs your organization’s CPR instructor is juggling too many responsibilities and that it’s time to lighten their load. 

The Instructor Becomes Stressed & Overwhelmed

One person can only handle so many tasks at once before they become overwhelmed by their workload. The limit of how much work is too much will be different for each person, so it’s important to recognize when your CPR instructor exhibits signs of nearing their capacity

If the instructor has too much on their plate, they become stressed and may even burn out entirely. This can be extremely damaging to their mental health. It also puts you at risk of losing a valuable team member and needing to replace all of the roles they currently fill. 

Instead of pushing your instructor to the brink of burnout, it’s much better to lighten their load ahead of time and keep them focused on the tasks where you truly need their particular skills and expertise. 

The Instructor Falls Behind on Tracking Certifications

Tracking certifications is an essential part of ensuring your employees have the skills and credentials they need to do their jobs. But if your instructor is overwhelmed by their workload, it’s easy for things like certification tracking to slip through the cracks. 

ProTrainings 4 Signs It’s Time for Your CPR Instructor to Stop Multitasking

When this happens, employees may fail to renew their certifications on time — or even to complete some of their training in the first place. This opens you up to compliance issues, causes your other employees to fall behind in their duties, and prevents everyone from performing at their best. 

Fortunately, this problem has an easy solution. An automated record-keeping system tracks certifications, offers real-time reporting, and notifies employees of upcoming renewals without burdening any human staff member with the responsibility of having to remember everything. 

Training & Skills Evaluations Are Difficult to Schedule

By definition, your CPR instructor’s job is to ensure your staff is properly trained in CPR. If he or she is no longer available to train or evaluate employees in this essential skill because they’re too busy doing other things, that’s a clear sign your instructor has too much on their plate.

Whether your employees work mostly in the office or are dispersed remotely, scheduling CPR training can be challenging, even if your instructor isn’t overloaded with other tasks. With an overwhelmed instructor, scheduling can become impossible. 

If your staff isn’t receiving the training or skills evaluations they need because of scheduling issues, it may be time to switch to a flexible blended training system that allows employees to train and be evaluated on their own time. 

Paperwork Gets Misplaced or Disorganized

In addition to tracking certifications, there’s a lot of paperwork involved in keeping your staff CPR certified. When your CPR instructor is overwhelmed by their workload, tasks like keeping paperwork organized are likely to fall by the wayside. 

For example, employee records and other important documents may be misplaced, and it will likely take extra time to track down information.

Once again, automated systems can help lighten the burden on your CPR instructor, freeing them to focus on more urgent tasks. Additionally, you’ll be able to find the information you need at any time, without having to hunt for it or wait for someone else to track it down. 

Is Your CPR Instructor Overworked?

When your dedicated CPR instructor has to fill too many roles at once, the whole organization can fall behind on certifications, essential training, and general day-to-day tasks. If you’re seeing this happen, it may be time to transition to automated systems that help your staff get trained and certified on their own time without compromising on quality. 
Contact us today to learn more about how ProTrainings can reduce the burden on your CPR instructor and help you make getting your staff CPR-certified easier and more efficient.