Why & How We Must Teach First Aid in Schools

ProTrainings Why We Should Teach First Aid in Schools

Whether it was skinning a knee on the sidewalk or spraining an ankle playing basketball, most of us experienced injuries as children. Depending on how rambunctious you were, you may have experienced quite a few of them. Kids are notoriously accident-prone, and little incidents are a part of life.

However, many childhood accidents aren’t so little. If a child breaks a bone, is bleeding, or has a serious head injury, the prognosis improves if their friends know what to do. Accidents can happen anytime, and children may be put in situations where they need to respond. 

That’s why teaching first aid in schools is so essential. Having a teacher review important first-aid concepts and techniques with children can save lives.

Read on to learn more about the value of teaching first aid in schools.

Why Teach First Aid in Schools?

While not all children can be taught advanced first-aid techniques and concepts, studies have shown that children as young as five can be taught basic skills like how to call 911, how to stop bleeding, and how to do the Heimlich maneuver, all of which can save lives.

While teaching first aid can be valuable for all school-aged children, it is most necessary in high school. There are more injury-related deaths every year in the 15-19 age bracket than in any other demographic.

In high school, teens start driving and often do risky things. They also spend more time with their peers than they do with adults. Because of this, they must know basic life-saving first aid to respond if one of their friends gets hurt.

ProTrainings Why We Should Teach First Aid in Schools

One reason it is so vital to teach first aid in schools is that kids and teens are unlikely to learn this kind of stuff at home. Parents may not know basic first aid — only 11% of adults in the US know  how to perform CPR correctly — or it simply may not occur to them to teach their kids what they know.

Incorporating first aid into school curricula will teach children skills they may not learn any other way. It will also save lives and contribute to creating a more emergency-ready public.

How Should We Teach First Aid in Schools?

While first aid training is useful at any age, different age groups learn differently. For instance, CPR is an advanced, physically demanding technique. Research suggests that most children under ten lack the strength to do effective chest compressions. However, they can still benefit from learning how and when CPR should be performed.

On the other hand, kids can learn the Heimlich maneuver as young as five. In fact, this technique is most useful for younger children to know since they are at the greatest risk of choking. Because choking can kill in minutes, a child might not have time to run and get an adult to help. 

Adding a hands-on element can help keep kids engaged in learning about first aid. Fun videos and role-playing can help pique kids’ interest, and using dummies to teach CPR and the Heimlich maneuver can ensure that children execute these techniques correctly.

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