Who Needs HIPAA Training?


If you work for a company that has any access to an individual’s protected health information, aka PHI, then you should know who in your workforce needs to have HIPAA training.

So then, who specifically needs to be trained in HIPAA?

Source: freeimages.com

The answer is that all members of an organization’s workforce for whom it is probable to have access to private health information should be trained.

These would most likely be:

  • Volunteers
  • Trainees
  • Workers who are under control of those on behalf of the organization or affiliated with it, but not a partner in business.
  • Covered entities are also required to ensure that Business Partners have appropriate safeguards in place for PHI.

There are schools/departments/groups that need to be HIPAA trained as well:

  • Schools of Nursing, Dentistry, and Medicine and affiliated Institutes and Centers
  • School of Public Health and Information Sciences (SPHIS)
  • Information Technology
  • Audit Services
  • Department of Environmental Health and Safety
  • Human Resources
  • University Archives and Records
  • University Counsel
  • Researchers

Where can you get HIPAA training?

A great way to do it is through our online video course. If you’d like to get HIPAA training for your organization, or even just yourself, please visit ProHIPAA.com and get started. We also have a HIPAA Blog so you can learn more. We can also consult on your book of evidence.

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