The True Cost of Classroom CPR & First Aid Certification

ProTrainings The True Cost of Classroom CPR & First Aid Certification

If you represent an organization looking to certify your entire staff in CPR and first aid, naturally your goal should be to find a reputable, high-quality course at a reasonable price. With such a myriad of certification options out there, the cost of a CPR and first aid course can vary greatly. 

However, the true cost of CPR and First Aid certification goes beyond the sticker price – especially if you’re considering a classroom training model. There are several other factors you should consider, including the cost of registration, payroll, and administrative oversight, all of which are unique to each individual or organization seeking this life-saving training. 

Read on to see the costs that are associated with classroom-based CPR and first aid certification, as well as some uniquely affordable options for fully remote and blended training. 

Individual & Organizational Costs

When comparing CPR and first aid certification costs, most people simply focus on the cost of the course itself, without considering the other potential costs involved or the factors that influence those costs. Here are some other costs to consider.

Labor Costs 

When planning a classroom-based CPR and first aid training, you’ll likely need to compensate your team for their time in the actual course, as well as travel time and travel expenses – especially if you have team members who typically work remotely or at various locations. 

Keep in mind: with classroom-based CPR, you’ll also be paying everyone to go at the slowest student’s pace. You may even be paying them to talk about irrelevant things or hear stories from the instructor that don’t enhance their learning.

If you decide to host the training during a business day, you’ll also suffer lost revenue from shutting down for the day or asking your team to split their focus. 

Logistical & Rescheduling Cost

We hear it all the time: an organization schedules a weekend CPR class, coordinates a classroom instructor to host the class, agrees to pay for overtime and commuting costs, and then someone (or multiple people!) doesn’t show up to the class for one reason or another. 

The end result is your administrative team having to repeat the entire process to schedule a “makeup” CPR and first aid certification class – all at the cost of your organization. 

This issue is further exacerbated if your classroom CPR and first aid instructor charges a fee if your student numbers fall lower than his or her minimum class size requirement. 

Organizational Costs

According to a recent LinkedIn survey, “94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career.” If you’re an organization weighing the pros and cons of covering the cost of CPR training, providing them with adaptable online training may be a simple way to invest in them as professionals and increase staff retention.

Furthermore, if you schedule your classroom CPR and first aid certification program on a weekend or on a staff member’s day off, this can significantly hurt morale and lead to high turnover rates.

Administrative Costs

At ProTrainings, we also recognize that keeping track of your team’s progress can be time-consuming and a significant administrative cost. 

In addition to all the time required to schedule the classroom CPR and first aid certification, you will also spend hours reminding staff to show up to the training, coordinating with the instructor or each student to get all of your students’ CPR cards, keeping track of when certifications expire, and then following up with students as their expiration dates draw closer. 

Quick Math: The Real Cost

So what is the real cost of classroom-based CPR and first aid certification? While this calculation depends largely on how you value your time and your staff members’ time, we can do a rough calculation based on a simple hourly rate calculation.  

For a $16/hr employee, the cost of an 8-hour class is actually $168 – which is in addition to the $40+ you will pay for the certificate from the instructor.

Once you factor in the instructor’s time and fees, the time your administrator will spend coordinating the classroom training, and the unexpected cost of having to schedule a “makeup” training for staff members who couldn’t make the training or had to cancel last minute, you’re looking at well over $300 per certification. 

Lower the Hidden Costs of CPR & First Aid Certification

Fully online training can be a great cost-effective and convenient option if your CPR requirements allow for it. As with all of our courses, the professional training videos from our experienced staff allow you to work at your own pace and revisit information until you’ve built up the confidence needed to take your test.

Our single-use manikin option (SUMO) kit is a unique and inexpensive option for a fully remote individual or small group that needs a skill-based proficiency test for their CPR and first aid certification with a remote ProTraining staff member.

The SUMO kit is intended to be used by a single individual in their online skills evaluation; however, up to five people can safely use a single SUMO to complete their training as long as each person properly uses a face shield.

Blended Training for CPR & First Aid Certification

If your profession requires that you perform your skills-based evaluation for your CPR and first aid certification, one of our blended in-person training will be the better option. These courses retain our adaptable virtual videos that allow you to work at your own pace but have the added benefit of an on-site evaluation with one of our outstanding instructors.

While this option does have an added cost when compared to our fully remote training option, it’s a great opportunity for groups to share the cost of a Prestan manikin kit and an on-site instructor. Each kit comes with 10 lung and face shields, so your group can complete your training in a cost-effective and safe environment with our experienced instructors. 

When scheduling your group CPR and first aid certification training, our staff will assure you’ll have enough materials ordered for your group to safely and comfortably complete training. 

At ProTrainings, we bring several options to fit your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about how ProTrainings can help you make getting your staff CPR certified easier and more efficient.