ProTrainings Joins CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network to Provide CPR and AED Instruction to U.S. CrossFit Affiliates

ProTrainings is excited to announce that we are now offering CrossFit affiliate owners, coaches, staff, and members premium access and discounted pricing for CPR & AED training through the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network.

Scott Andersen, ProTrainings’ Co-Founder and CTO, says that these exclusive deals are for the roughly 5,500 CrossFit gyms across the United States. All CrossFit affiliate owners, staff, and members are eligible.

“Our goal is simple: to help everyone involved with CrossFit be safer and better prepared in times of emergency,” says Andersen.

At ProTrainings, we have a simple philosophy: to provide high-quality CPR training for professionals who care about the training they receive and the people they serve. Our mission is to train enough people worldwide so that every cardiac emergency has a CPR-trained individual nearby who is willing and able to help.

“Since 2012, we’ve been teaching CPR to students in hundreds of high schools across the country,” says Andersen. “And we’ve been doing this for free. More people trained in CPR and AED means more lives saved. This alliance with CrossFit is another extension of our mission.”

Millions of people have chosen ProTrainings for their CPR certification for reasons including: 

  • Meets American Heart Association guidelines
  • Ease & convenience of training online
  • 99% acceptance by employers 
  •  Blended options enabling hands on manikin training in addition to video based curriculum
  • 19 years experience and a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on more than half a million positive CPR reviews

“One thing that’s important to mention is that CPR instruction isn’t just about learning what to do in the event of a cardiac emergency,” says Andersen. “It also prepares you emotionally and provides you with the confidence to intervene in a high-stress moment.”

For more information about this exclusive discount, CrossFit affiliate owners can register through the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network. All CrossFit affiliate owners, coaches, staff, and members will receive the most efficient and effective CPR/AED training available today and at a special price. CrossFit members who want to be trained should contact their local CrossFit gym to get started.

“We are excited to be the inaugural CPR/AED training and certification provider on the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network,” says Andersen. “This is a perfect addition to our enduring mission of training as many as possible in the potential life-saving protocols of CPR and AED.”

Visit ProCPR today for information on all our CPR courses.