Wii Fit helps Woman Diagnose onset of Parkinsons

by Paul Martin -

Julie Wilks, a British mother of two, says that she began to realize she was suffering from Parkinson’s disease only after she stepped on the Wii Balance Board.  The device comes with Wii Fit Plus, which as a primary function works by helping you learn to optimize your balance.

About a year ago, she noticed that her balance was heavily shifted to one side, which the Balance Board confirmed.  The Balance Board uses four sensors, two on each side, to capture where you’re focusing your weight, and if you’re shifting at all.  The heavy shift began to worry her, and other symptoms later started to emerge.  She visited a doctor who delivered the diagnosis.  She had Parkinson’s disease.

“I’m so grateful that I was playing the game that day and that it ended in my diagnosis,” she told the Daily Mail. “What an amazing piece of technology.”

Due to the illness she has left her job and is now hoping to raise money to fight the disease.  She seems to be in good spirits.  You can read the full story here: Woman diagnosed with Parkinson’s after noticing symptoms while playing Wii Fit [Daily Mail]

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