What do Sumo wrestlers, cardboard boxes, and CPR training have in common?

by Elizabeth Shaw -

Blended CPR with the SUMO™ KitWouldn’t it be amazing if you could complete your CPR training entirely online? Can you imagine how convenient and efficient it would be to start and finish your learning CPR experience from the comfort of your own home? Can you imagine paying a fraction of the cost for your training kit and classes than what you pay now? This isn’t just a dream; it’s reality!

What’s the name of the game? It’s called SUMO™, and it stands for Single Use Manikin Option. It’s an AHA-compliant CPR training that lets you become certified completely online. Learning CPR online isn’t a new thing, but the fact that you can also complete your skill evaluation with a manikin is a very new thing, and it meets American Heart guidelines!

Our thought was, “How can we make CPR skill evaluations less expensive, more efficient, and more widely available?” Here’s the answer we came up with.

The SUMO kit has a simple yet genius engineering. It’s made out of a foam head with a cardboard body, and it’s connected by a plastic bag airway. You are actually able to see the chest rise and fall when performing breaths, and it does everything a normal manikin does. A “normal” manikin is $500.00. That’s a hefty chunk of change. You could buy two weeks of groceries with that; maybe more! Our SUMO manikin costs between $25.00-$45.00. That’s a huge difference.

For the first time since the dawn of CPR training, ProTrainings has made it possible to take your CPR training at home. You watch the videos, take the test, AND complete the skill evaluation section of CPR training via web conference, all in your own home or any location with wifi.

We are very excited to share SUMO with you, and we hope that you check out the official website: blendedcpr.com for much more information on what SUMO is and how you can get CPR certification delivered straight to your door.



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