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by Paul Martin -


Thanks for coming to the ProCPR Blog. We’ve decided to create a place where we can post news and information about our company and the exciting developments that we have in store for you.

My name is Paul Martin, and I am the Director of Multimedia here at ProCPR. I’ve designed the layout of much of what you see on ProCPR as well as our other sister sites within the family of training sites that we’ve created.

When we started the company in 2002, we had no idea just how popular this idea would become. Three of us met one evening during a social gathering (we were all members of the same youth group a while ago) and I was approached by Roy to work on a new project. After explaining the project, I asked if it would be okay to have Scott involved as well, and with that, we set up a meeting to decide what we were going to do with this idea of bringing CPR certification online.

Within a year we launched the website with no marketing. We had some friends test it out to make sure there were no bugs, and when we deemed it ready, we launched it. We didn’t know what would happen next, but we felt that something good was happening with it.

In the years to follow, we’ve been through many hardships and even a few re-designs, but we’ve kept going. What started as a labor of love (we weren’t getting paid for the creation of the website) has become something much more.

What is to come?

One thing I know you want to know about is what is ProCPR doing to bring the best in online CPR certification to you on a regular basis, and what are they going to add in the future?

I’d like to tell you, but some of the ideas that we have are just not ready to go public yet. Personally, though, as a videographer: I am very excited for my projects for this year and the years to come. One of my dreams has always been to direct a movie. One thing that I’m doing is somewhat related to that. That’s a pretty good sized hint at something that is coming up.

Keep an eye on this blog for more information about that project.

We’re also going to keep you updated on the many projects that we have going on, as they launch. That way, you can stay informed on the new ways that we’ve created to serve you better.

Remember, you can always look at our review section to keep yourself up-to-date on CPR regulations.

Blog Authors

There will be a few different writers on this blog, from time to time. It will mostly be myself, but there could also be entries from Roy Shaw, who is a licensed Paramedic. As well as an occasional update from Scott Andersen, the fearless programmer. You may also hear from other members of the staff as time goes on. One thing’s for sure: it’s a very exciting time here at ProCPR.


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