Warning: Don’t ignore a persistent cough

by Elizabeth Shaw -

lung cancer


According to a campaign to reduce deaths from lung cancer, those whose cough has lasted longer than 3 weeks should see a doctor.

England’s biggest cancer killer, it claims 28,000 lives a year, partly because it is often diagnosed too late. The main symptom is a chronic cough, although it is worth it to note that most instances of this will not be due to cancer.

Other symptoms of lung cancer include:

  • A cough that has gotten worse or changes
  • repeated chest infections
  • coughing up blood
  • breathlessness
  • feeling more tired than usual for some time
  • losing weight for no obvious reason
  • an ache or pain in your chest or shoulder that has lasted some time


Lung cancer is the leading cause of death in cancer among men and women, both the United States and the world.

“The message from this campaign is clear – if you have a persistent cough, go and see your doctor. The earlier lung cancer is diagnosed, the more likely that treatment will be successful.”

If you have a chronic cough that has been persistent for 3 weeks or more, don’t panic. Get it checked out by a doctor regardless of other symptoms you may have. You should be cautious, because if you are not, you may regret it, regardless of the negative or positive outcome.

Sources: BBC News


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