U.S. Could Face Hearing Loss Epidemic

by Paul Martin -

With the iPod among the top selling items over the last few years, and car stereos with enough base to rattle the walls of your home as the car drives past, it’s not very surprising that 1 in 3 adults already have hearing problems.

Experts are expecting these numbers to rise.

“The prevalence of hearing loss in the United States is predicted to rise significantly because of an aging population and the growing use of personal listening devices. Indeed, there is concern that we may be facing an epidemic of hearing impairment,” Dr. Yuri Agrawal of the Baltimore hospital wrote.

While hearing loss is a common thing among people aged 70 and older, it has effected 17 percent of people in their 30s, and 8.5 percent of those in their 20s. Risk factors include, but are not limited to, loud music, firearms and workplace noise.


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