“The amount of blood was amazing…” Why You Should Know how to Handle a Deadly Fall

by Elizabeth Shaw -



Deb Nordlie was just leaving a restaurant and going to her car when she saw a woman trip over a curb and hit the ground hard. Nordlie said, “The amount of blood was amazing. I dashed over and made her stay steady. Two passersby asked how they could help, so I had one call 911 and the other go back to the restaurant for napkins. I asked for both to stay til the ambulance came. I spoke to the woman and got her husband’s phone number and he too soon appeared.”

Nordlie applied pressure to the woman’s wound, not letting her get up. Her husband arrived, and he went with her in the ambulance to the hospital for further treatment. Despite their best efforts, unfortunately, the woman did not survive. According to Nordlie, it was discovered that the woman “had just been released from the hospital earlier that day and should not have been driving. Those conditions, coupled with the blow to the head and the amount of blood lost, were too much for her system.”

Nordlie wrote to ProTrainings‘ customer support department with her story. It may have had a tragic ending, but it was still a success in what she wrote next. “Without your capable instruction, I don’t feel I could have managed the situation with as much confidence. Even though the results of my aid were not positive, I know I did all that could be done. Thank you for your program.”

If you want to be able to handle traumatic accidents with the admirable confidence Deb Nordlie had, then please look into our multiple training programs at ProTrainings.com. We look forward to serving you and helping you feel comfortable with your rescuing skills.


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