ProCPR Slashes CPR Certification Cost for Christmas Season

by Paul Martin -

Only 17.50 until December 31, 2009Health care workers who require CPR certification to perform their jobs can get a nationally recognized certificate from for $17.50 if they take the online course and purchase their certificate before the end of the year. In response to difficult economic conditions, ProCPR is reducing the price of its accredited online CPR training and certification program from $29.95 to $17.50.

CPR certification in a traditional classroom setting has been the standard means of teaching CPR since its inception in the 1960s. ProCPR changes this model by incorporating e-learning, allowing the student to learn when it is most convenient for them. The website also sends optional training videos through e-mail every week to participants to keep the material fresh over the two-year certification period.

“Cash is tight for people during the Christmas season, especially in this economy. We are hoping to lower the stress a little this year with a reduced rate,” says Roy Shaw, co-founder of ProCPR.

The program offers a special “blended” certificate to students who require a brief hands-on skills demonstration with a manikin. This manikin practice is performed after the student has completed his or her cognitive training online and may be administered by any valid CPR instructor.

About ProCPR, LLC: ProCPR is an accredited CPR certification program that follows the American Heart Association suggested training guidelines and strictly adheres to the latest ILCOR/ECC guidelines. has certified more than 170,000 health care professionals across the United States and internationally. It is designed to meet the needs and demands of busy health care professionals.


  1. riaz ahmedapatel

    i have already passed cpr,can i eligible for the cristmas offer.

    riaz patel

    1. Author
      Paul Martin

      Mr. Patel,

      It looks like you did the First Aid course back in October. The promotional rate, however, only applies to the website for the month of December 2009. is still regular price for the promotional period.

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