Oklahoma E. Coli Outbreak is Out of Control

by Paul Martin -

The E. Coli outbreak continues to wreak havoc on Oklahoma, as it takes the life of a 26-year-old man.  Investigations are underway as to the cause of the spread, as there are at least 41 more hospitalizations with dozens more falling ill.

Oklahoma state health officials are finally able to confirm that a type of E. coli bacteria has been found in 10 of the patients who were sickened by a severe illness in northeastern Oklahoma. The E. coli outbreak has taken the life of one man – 26-year-old Chad Ingle – and has caused the hospitalizations of at least 41 others and dozens more have reported being ill. Patients are reporting symptoms of food poisoning along with a very severe and bloody form of diarrhea Also, a number of children are undergoing dialysis due to kidney failure as a result of their illnesses. The illness has been characterized as a “severe illness outbreak.”

Ingle was discharged from Tulsa’s St. Francis Hospital last Friday after becoming sick on Wednesday, he returned to the hospital the following morning when his condition worsened; he died soon after.

-via NewsInferno

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