Office Ergonomics Training Course Now Online

by Paul Martin -

Office Ergonomics TrainingWe are pleased to announce the launch of our new ergonomics course for the office.  When sitting at a workstation all day, staring at computer screens, and typing constantly, you may find yourself fatigued.  This course will help teach you ways to handle long stretches of work in an office environment.

We’re hopeful that you’ll find our course to be thorough, engaging, educational, and effective.  We’ve all sat through training programs that we’ve felt should be better, but sometimes the material makes that difficult.  We’ve spent a lot of time developing our video material for this course.  We cover monitor use, chairs, desks, phones, lifting, repetitive stress injuries, fitness and stretching.

OSHA compliant training for ergonomic safety and compliance for the office environment.. Begin Now!

We hope that you’ll enjoy it!

And if you’re looking for workplace ergonomics, or even healthcare ergonomics courses, we have you covered.


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