Nurses to be rated on compassion

by Paul Martin -

What do you think of this?

BBC NEWS – Nurses are to be rated according to the levels of care and empathy they give to patients under government plans.

Health Secretary Alan Johnson told the Guardian newspaper that he wants the performance of every nursing team in England to be scored.

He said he believes compassionate care was as crucial to the recovery of patients as the skills of surgeons.

Nurse leaders welcomed the move and said they would work with ministers on developing the system.

Mr Johnson said plans were to be outlined in the forthcoming review of the NHS by health minister Lord Darzi.

Nurses work tirelessly to ensure that patients are treated with dignity, compassion and sensitivity Peter Carter, of the Royal College of Nursing

Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are not planning to introduce a similar scheme, although nurse performance is already monitored through patient surveys and core standards.

Mr Johnson suggested the results, compiled by regulators using patient surveys, could be displayed on an official website.

But he ruled out rating individual nurses and also said it would not affect pay.

Read the whole article at BBC News, and come back and post your comments. Do you think this is a good idea?


  1. florence nightengale

    Nurses would be more compassionate if they weren’t over worked and underpaid. Difficult to smile when have far too many patients that can be physically and mentally safely cared for, coupled with too many patients who are admitted with alcohol and drug induced psychosis and comorbid conditions. They’re nasty and extremely difficult to deal with. You want me to be Miss Congeniality then give me the pay and benefits and a safe work environment. There’s a nursing shortage for a reason. Do we get to rate the compassion the patients and their family have for us? How about rating them under the same guidelines and if they don’t meet the same criteria we don’t have to take care of them.

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