New Pro Home Safety Blog

by Paul Martin -

We’re re-launching Pro Home Safety as a blog to answer your questions about various topics on safety around the house.  We’re very excited to venture in this new direction with the site, as it has been sitting around without any real change for about three years now.

The idea is that it will be a blog similar to Roy on Rescue.  It will have entries that are both video based as well as text based.  Earlier this summer, I worked on a new design for the site after being inspired by the logo that we had developed for it a while ago.  After the design was finished, it inspired the concept for a blog that will run along side Roy on Rescue and this blog.

I’m very excited for the launch of this new blog, and I hope that you will come to find it as useful as we hope that it will be.

Visit the all-new Pro Home Safety today, and submit your questions with the contact form you find there!


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