Marriage, Weddings &…CPR?

by Katrina Scheer -

Linda Modzelewski and her husband, Gerald, were attending a wedding a few months ago when she collapsed to the ground. She wasn’t breathing.

“I don’t remember hearing or seeing anything after that,” Linda said.

Gerald immediately dropped to her side and started performing CPR on his wife. He revived her twice, but when her heart stopped beating for a third time, someone mentioned that there was a nurse at the wedding too.

So, Jelena Doty and another nurse friend took over doing CPR until they brought Linda back to life. “I can’t reiterate how important CPR is and that everyone should know CPR,” Jelena shared later.

Gerald couldn’t agree more. “I want to cry. I’m just so happy to have her,” he told the camera on September 19th, at a ceremony to honor him and Jelena for saving his wife’s life.

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