Lawnmower Safety

by Elizabeth Shaw -

Puppy in the Lawn

Puppy /

Children should never ride as passengers on ride-on mowers.

Children younger than 16 years should never use ride-on mowers; children younger than 12 years shouldn’t even use walk-behind mowers.

Make sure children are indoors or at a safe distance away from any area that is being mowed.

Try to use a mower with a control that stops the mower from moving forward if the handle is let go.

Prevent injuries from flying objects by picking up debris before mowing and by using a collection bag for grass clippings. Anyone who uses a mower should wear sturdy shoes (not sandals or sneakers) and hearing and eye protection.

Don’t pull the mower backward or mow in reverse unless absolutely necessary. If you do, always look carefully for children behind you.

Turn off the mower and wait for the blades to stop completely before removing the grass catcher, unclogging the chute, or crossing gravel paths, mulched beds, roads or other areas.

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