Are furry friends messing with your sleep?

by Elizabeth Shaw -

Puppy in Bed

Puppy in Bed /

I have to admit, when my sister’s little fluffy dog is occasionally curled up behind my legs or by my stomach, it’s pretty cozy! However, it’s a rare occasion because the little fur ball wakes me up in the middle of the night. (It’s not fun.)  According to a new study, 30% of pet owners who sleep with their four legged friends wake up at least once a night because of it. If their pets sleep in their bed more than four nights a week, 63% of owners have poor sleep quality. Hm…sleeping with Princess doesn’t sound so good now, especially when compared to a good night’s sleep!

This research was presented at the 28th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies. (Fancy, huh?) It sounds like this kind of  research is very new; in fact, it’s the first of its kind, according to Dr. Sojanya Duthuluru M.D. (In case you haven’t noticed, that is not a name to sneeze at.) Previously, the studies have zeroed in on co-sleeping with partners or children, so now it’s time to give our furry friends a go at the ol’ statistic game. It’s  becoming more than just a game though; pets are long-time offenders when it comes to a sound slumber, what with their barks, meows, races and chases in their sleep, and allergic reaction triggers. In fact, some doctors who are trying to cure a patient’s insomnia later find out that it’s cause was a rooting, squirmy pet in the bed.

Does this mean our beloved Fluffy has to take the boot? Not necessarily. According to Duthuluru, “some pet owners reported feeling comforted by the presence of their pets.” Until more research is done, it’s really up to pet owners themselves to call the shots. Does Fluffy stay, or does he/she need to find a bed elsewhere?

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