Fan at Notre Dame football game saved by quick use of CPR and AED

by Paul Martin -

Fan at Notre Dame football game saved by quick use of CPR and AEDWhen I was at the dentist, I heard an amazing story that I somehow missed over the weekend about a rescue at a football game.  He was at the game between Michigan and Notre Dame when he suffered a heart attack during the second quarter, while at Michigan Stadium.  He was visiting Ann Arbor with his three sons, who are aged 45, 48 and 50.  My dentist knows of the sons.

Lee Staudacher, a 69-year-old from Bay City, Michigan, was enjoying the game when his heart suddenly stopped.  There was a dentist nearby that started CPR while others contacted emergency services.  The CPR was prompt, increasing his chances of survival greatly, and there was an on-site AED (Automated External Defibrillator) that was also put to use.

His family stayed nearby and watched while they shocked him with the paddles, and the prompt CPR was a key component in saving his life.  The medical team took him to the University of Michigan Health System’s Cardiovascular Center for treatment.  He didn’t miss the end of the game, as he was able to watch part of the fourth quarter while in an intensive care unit bed.

He’s a Notre Dame fan, but had a great time watching the game between these two old rivals, even though Michigan pulled off a 35-31 victory.  He wants to put the focus on the knowledge of CPR and the quick access of the AED that saved his life, however.

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