EA Sports Active Blog: Days 25 and 26 – Software Errors

by Paul Martin -

EA Sports Active - BasketballI didn’t get a chance to write about these two days of trainings on Friday and Saturday until now.   Both days were rough, and filled with software glitches.  These resulted in more glitches, and now my Wii is probably heading to New York to be fixed by Nintendo, which will include a major loss in data, as well as other things.  I’m still able to use it for EA Sports Active, but that’s the only game I’m willing to have in at this point.  I don’t want to lose any more than I already might.

What caused the glitch?  Who really knows.  The Wii has moving parts, being a disc based system, and being on a carpetted floor as I was doing routines that included jumping can not have been good for it.  I really don’t think it moved all that much at all, but I think the slight motion every few seconds finally got to it.

Anyway, onto the training.  These two days were rough.  Day 25 was absolutely terrible.  I started out getting through more than half of the exercises, over 70 calories burned, and then the game froze.  There was nothing I could do at that point but cheat my way through, and do it with little to no effort.  A feat that I very easily achieved over the next ten or fifteen minutes.

Projected Calorie Burn: 106.3, after a restart: 104.6. (So the game thinks).  It was one of those things where, when I cheated, the game got my calorie count wrong by a couple of calories by the same point that I had reached before.  In actual numbers, I would have beaten the projection.  Because the game does not let you fix things, I cannot change that.

Day 26 went better.  TONS better.  I didn’t have it lock up one time.  Projected Cal Burn: 102.1; Actual: 104.3!

It incorporated a lot of lower body exercises, though, and I again ran into one recurring problem.  The game tells me “jump now” so I do, and it tells me to do that three more times, so I do, and then it tells me “You’re going too fast.” Followed by “You’re setting a great pace with this exercise.”  All of the contradictions were really frustrating me.

Not only that, but when I pause on something, sometimes I move around a little bit from side to side, after finishing a move and when I’m standing up straight.  The game waits for me to stop moving completely.  I thought this was a workout.  Instead it’s sometimes a manikin workout.  Let’s see the game loosen up a little bit on movements after you stand up.  Somehow, it’s gotta be able to sense when you’re really ready to do the rep, without forcing you to stand totally still.

Overall, though, I’m happy with myself for keeping up with the software and not getting too discouraged, although sometimes I wanted to quit.  I walked around for a while to cool down.  I realize, however, that when I send my Wii in for repair, I might lose 60+ hours of game saves, from such titles as Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Nights: Journey of Dreams.  And that’s really unfortunate.  Nintendo should allow copy of ALL data for emergency back-ups.  There are records there that will probably take even longer for me to complete again.

But that’s neither here nor there at the moment.

Two workout days remain.

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