EA Sports Active Blog: Days 13 and 14: Upper and Lower Body Strengthening

by Paul Martin -

EA Sports ActiveAfter a short break of a day, the previous two days of exercise had me sweating really heavily.  Not to mention they brought me up to the halfway mark on the 30 day challenge!  That’s ten workouts out of the set for the thirty day period.

These ones did include some basketball, volleyball and tennis, and pushed me to the limits again with some really difficult exercises.  The game also included a video congratulating me on making it this far.  It also told me about some of the things to come.  This includes stepping up the intensity level of the workouts.  I don’t know of it was a warning or not, but I might as well take it as such.  I’m not looking forward to that, but hopefully I can make it though.  Anyone reading this, supplying words of encouragement as I go through the next workouts would be terrific.

For those keeping score at home, here are the calorie burns from the past couple of days:

Day 13: Projected Cal Burn: 136; Actual: 143.6

Day 14: Projected Calorie Burn: 127; Actual: 136.2

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