EA Sports Active Blog: Day 11 – A little Dancing and a lot of Cardio

by Paul Martin -

Nintendo SweatbandNow that I’m back on schedule, hopefully I won’t mess up too bad and miss any more days.  One thing I did mess up on is setting really super high goals to meet.  I thought that I was just moving the goals to a further amount, in calories and in number of workouts in so many days.  So I set a goal of 3000 calories.  Big mistake.  At my current rate, I’ll make that goal but not before the date that goal should be reached.  Ah well, something to think about as far as interface design in the future, EA Sports.

I also thought it’d be cool if you could scroll through the trophies you have without returning to the screen that lists them all, probably with the plus and minus buttons on the remote.  Some trophies, such as the bronze ones, are a little difficult to tell apart from the ones you don’t have.

That being said, today’s workout was a good one, doing a lot of upper body exercises.  And I finally figured out where the jump is on inline skating.  I don’t think it’s obvious enough that you jump at the top of the ramp in the green part of it.  That’s something that I would do some interface tweeking on as well.  This was the third or fourth time that I did this particular workout and it took me, a regular gamer, that long to figure out.  But now that I know, it’ll be easier next time.

Today, I had a blast with the workouts, as I started to realize that the progess is real.  At first, it feels real but you just sweat a lot and feel sore all over.  That brings results as I can tell that I’m doing the exercises with much more ease.  I am guessing that means that I’m building strength in different areas of my body.  One thing I make sure to have on hand is a sports drink to replenish electrolytes.  Not to mention a towel to keep the sweat out of my eyes.  80s sweat bands, here I come!  Time to bring those back!  Get on that, EA, for the expansion pack!

Day 11: Projected Calorie Burn: 153.8, Actual: 178!

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