CPR Training for Education

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Enjoy one, streamlined process for CPR Training

ProTrainings allows you to implement one easy-to-follow process for all of your staff across all locations.

Track All Staff Certifications in One Place

Use our LMS or bring your own. With ProTrainings, you can choose to manage your team's CPR certifications through the ProTrainings Dashboard or use our integration to your LMS. Either way your certification records are in one place, easily accessible, and updated automatically.

ProTrainings DashboardTM

  • Monitor Real-Time Staff Certification Status
  • Get Automated Expiration Reminders
  • Print and Download Staff Certifications
  • Send training reminders to staff

Choose the Best Training Method For Your Group

Find the best fit for your organization. We offer three different methods of training to meet your needs. Mix and match training methods for different groups of employees to make sure everyone is trained quickly, efficiently, and effectively.


100% Online

Staff get certified 100% online via video instruction + an online test.

Fast, efficient, and perfect for organizations that allow online renewals.



Blended programs offer a hybrid of online training and hands-on skills testing.

Hands-on evaluations are done by your on-staff instructors or our instructors via video conference.


Instructor Training

We provide a streamlined course that requires no travel and is less expensive than other instructor training programs.

Your in-house instructor then conducts the class fully in person with your staff.

Ready to learn more? Contact a training program consultant today.

We're here to help! Give us a call at 866.840.4331, or fill out the form to get a free quote, sample our trainings, or book a dashboard demo.

Payment Options for Every Company Policy

No matter what your company policy is, all your staff certifications are visible and immediately accessible to you.

Staff Pay

Your staff no longer have to struggle to find a CPR certification course. Staff can complete their training on their own time, test and pay, and have their certs automatically shared with you.

Company Pays

Staff members get access to pre-purchased courses selected and approved by you. Training units never expire and everyone enjoys a smooth, unified process from training to certification to renewal.


Our pay-as-you-go option makes reimbursing obsolete. Your staff access pre-approved courses, complete their certifications, and have their records uploaded to your dashboard. Pay only for completed certifications at the end of each month.

CPR Training Should Empower Your Team, Not Burden You or Your Staff

We’ll help you build a training plan that overcomes:

High turnover

Rapidly growing or shrinking training needs

Frustrated record-keeping

High cost of training

A spread out workforce

Hours of manual signups and data entry

See what customers are saying about ProTrainings

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Our ProTrainings CPR program gave us the simplicity, the reach, and the flexibility we needed to expand our retail operations. This allows us to serve more people in a sustainable, affordable manner while maintaining compliance at every step.”

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I can tell you ProTrainings has saved me a lot! I enjoy the ease of being able to pull up records and see who has completed training.”


We chose ProTrainings because our people in the remote offices could access the training and certifications. Our people could watch the videos and take the test when it fit with their schedules.”

ProTrainings has met the review standards of world-class accrediting organizations, such as:

Frequently Asked

Can I sample the video training?

Yes! If you’ve historically done 100% classroom courses, we’re confident you and your staff will love the quality of video training. Even if you and your staff aren’t “tech savvy” you will find taking the training enjoyable and educational.

Contact one of our group solutions consultants to get a training sample.

Does this course meet my compliance requirements?

Each industry has its own requirements for the CPR skills staff need to learn and the way staff take the course. Luckily, we have a whole department dedicated to making sure we know your requirements and our group solutions consultants will ensure you get what you need to be compliant.

How much does each certification cost?

Our courses start at $19.95 for bloodborne pathogens and $39.95 for CPR. However, cost will vary depending on the course you need.

How long does it take to get set up?

An online-only training program can be set up in minutes! Just call 866.840.4331 to start. A blended program will take a couple days to a week to set up depending on supplies you have or don’t have.

Can staff pay for the course?

Yes! We offer both employer pay and staff pay options. Either way, you’ll have access to training records.