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Choose the Training Method Best Suited to Your Group

or Mix & Match for a Unique Experience Tailored to Your Team

    • 100% Online

    • Blended

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    • Blended Plus

    • Classroom

    • Course Instruction
    • Online Self-Paced Video
    • Online Self-Paced Video
    • Online Self-Paced Video
    • In-Person Video-Led
    • LMS/SCORM Integration
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    • Available!
    • Available!
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    • Hands-On Skills Evaluation Method
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    • In-Person with Your Certified Staff Member
    • Live Video Call with ProTrainings Instructor
    • In-Person with Your Certified Staff Member
    • Best For When
    • You Don't Need a Hands-On Evaluation
    • You Want Online Training + Hands-On Skills and You Have an Instructor on Staff
    • You Want Us to Take Care of Everything for You
    • You Require a Classroom-Based Course

ProTrainings Streamlines Your In-House CPR Training

ProTrainings offers flexible options so you can enjoy the convenience of an in-house CPR training program without the hassle!



Blended programs offer a hybrid of online training and hands-on skills testing.

Hands-on evaluations are done by your on-staff instructors.


Blended Plus

Perfect for organizations with high turnover or shifting responsibilities!

Staff complete training online and ProTrainings provides a certified instructor to complete your team’s live skills evaluations over video conference.



Prefer in-person training? We provide a streamlined instructor-training course that requires no travel and at a lower cost than other programs.

Your in-house instructor then conducts the class in-person with your staff.

We Also Offer 100% Online CPR Training

100% Online

Staff get fully certified online via video instruction + an online test.

Fast, efficient, and perfect for organizations that need high-quality certifications in a user-friendly form!

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Classes for Every Population You Serve

Choose from dozens of high-quality courses, including...

Adult CPR & First Aid

CPR for Adults, Children & Infants

HIPAA Compliance

Bloodborne Pathogens

Track All Staff Certifications in One Place

We believe CPR and other life-saving skills are absolutely essential for anyone to know – and we know many compliance and governing organizations feel the same. That’s why we’ve developed our technology to give your group high-quality, compliant training with easy administration tools.

Easy Access, Automatic Updates, One-Click Reporting

ProTrainings DashboardTM

  • Monitor Real-Time Staff Certification Status
  • Get Automated Expiration Reminders
  • Print and Download Staff Certifications
  • Send training reminders to staff

Ready to learn more? Contact a training program consultant today.

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Flexible Payment Options

No matter what your company’s payment policy, all your staff certifications are visible and immediately accessible to you!

Staff Pay

Don’t wait for your staff to find and choose a CPR certification course. Now your staff can train, test, and pay on their own time, then automatically share their certification cards with you.


Our pay-as-you-go option makes reimbursement obsolete! Select and approve courses, add your team members, and pay only for completed certifications at the end of the month.

Company Pay

Select, approve, and pre-purchase courses for your team. Training units never expire and your staff’s training status and certifications are instantly visible in your dashboard.

CPR Training Should Empower Your Team, Not Burden You or Your Staff

With ProTrainings, you’ll enjoy...

Simple, Scalable CPR Training Process

Compliant & Accepted AHA-Based Courses

No Commitments or Contracts

Flexible Training Methods & Payment Options

No Minimum Purchases

Stay Only As Long As You’re Happy!

See ProTrainings in Action!

Concerned about how to create a simple process when you have team members who need different types of training?


See how LittleStar Therapy was able to save time and money by using different training methods for different staff members.

Learn More

See how Vacation Station made getting their whole organization CPR certified across multiple facilities and locations.

Learn More

See how Pentec Health was able to replace their spreadsheet system with our easy-to-use certification tracking dashboard.

Learn More

ProTrainings has met the review standards of world-class accrediting organizations, such as:

Frequently Asked

Can I sample the video training?

Yes! If you’ve historically done 100% classroom courses, we’re confident you and your staff will love the quality of video training. Even if you and your staff aren’t “tech savvy” you will find taking the training enjoyable and educational.

Contact one of our group solutions consultants to get a training sample.

Does this course meet my compliance requirements?

Each industry has its own requirements for the CPR skills staff need to learn and the way staff take the course. Luckily, we have a whole department dedicated to making sure we know your requirements and our group solutions consultants will ensure you get what you need to be compliant.

How much does each certification cost?

Our courses start at $19.95 for bloodborne pathogens and $39.95 for CPR. However, cost will vary depending on the course you need.

How long does it take to get set up?

An online-only training program can be set up in minutes! Just call 866.840.4331 to start. A blended program will take a couple days to a week to set up depending on supplies you have or don’t have.

Can staff pay for the course?

Yes! We offer both employer pay and staff pay options. Either way, you’ll have access to training records.