CPR saves life of Dog in Australia

by Paul Martin -

Pet CPR is becoming more popular these days.  Recently the life of a dog was saved by the simple knowledge of CPR.  The dog was drowning in floodwaters, and that is where the story starts.

A Kuranda woman jumped into floodwaters to rescue a drowning dog then gave it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to bring it back to life. Petra Lovey yesterday told how she jumped into the Barron River after seeing Jerzy the border collie-cross dive into the swollen waters and get swept under a bridge.

“The last thing I saw were her eyes looking at me as she was swept under the old wooden bridge,” Ms Lovey said. “The Barron River flows like a torrent so it didn’t take much for her to be sucked under the bridge.”

Clare Hensley, who was walking Jerzy, feared the worst but Ms Lovey was determined to save the dog. “Jerzy was fighting it – she was completely submerged and she would have been submerged for about two minutes,” Ms Lovey said. “I knew she would come through the other side but it was a matter of trying to spot her as she came through. I saw a little speck of black in the water so I jumped in, everyone was screaming out to me that she was gone, but I wasn’t going to give up. Somehow I found her body and grabbed her.”

Jerzy was lifeless when Ms Lovey and Ms Hensley got her out of the water. “Clare started to perform CPR but was unsure how to do it properly on a dog so I took over,” Ms Lovey said. “Jerzy was flat – she was gone. But after a few compressions somehow there were signs of life.”

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  1. greg loftus

    Glad that it worked out. were the compressions enough has I was wondering about rescue breathing and how to go about it Cheers, Greg

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