CPR revives Infant after Water Accident

by Paul Martin -

CPR revives Infant after Water AccidentHere is another example of the importance of learning CPR. We never know when these skills will be required, and when the need for it arises, we must be ready.

A 13-month-old boy stumbled into a five-gallon bucket of water, and nearly drown.  The boy’s mother was in the shower, but had left the bucket out.  It contained a mixture of water and fabric softener that she was going to use to clean clothes.

The mother had taken a quick, 5-minute shower, after which she found her son, headfirst in the bucket, not breathing.  She called 911 as relatives performed CPR until medics arrived.

The boy is now getting treatment at Children’s Hospital in Seattle, where he is expected to make a full recovery.

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-via WenatcheeWorld

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